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((I'm gonna RP with myself if that's okay))

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<< XD That's fine >>

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Erek was playing with a toy gun he had made the morning before when Alek walked in

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"Sup kid? Whacha playin with?" Alek asked
"New toy gun! Just came out today!" Erek said gleefully

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<< I can rp Azusa in here. He can be at multiple places at once :p >>

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Azusa walked in calmly, going through the normal safety procedures. "Good day SCP-1379" he said as he began checking the cameras calmly.

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Alek whispered into a microphone "If we wanna stop this we should take out the TV"

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"Hello Azusa, Are you doing well?" Alek asked

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He shrugged, "Perhaps" he replied to Alek as he took one of the cameras down and began searching through the wires for anything faulty. It was a mystery to any Class B personnel and lower as to how he got to every cell so quickly and efficiently in the mornings.

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<< And he wouldn't know Azusa is an SCP, because he is Thaumiel. Only Class A know of him being an SCP. >>

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"I'm just talking to Erek here" Alek told Azusa

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He nodded, "Mhm. I see that" he replied as he got to work on a faulty wire.

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"Hey Erek, I wanna try something new." He said taking a picture out of his trench coat and should him a picture of a .44 Magnum. Erek asked "Are you sure? I never tried a gun before."
"It's alright, Erek. I'm quite sure." He said assuredly. Erek made the gun and Alek took another picture with some bullets and Erek made those appear too. Alek proceeded to load the magnum "Thank you" Alek said happily, he walked out of the room

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"That's pleasant." he muttered, shaking his head slowly as he got down and began to check up on the door, "How are you doing today Erek?" he asked quietly.

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There was a gunshot outside and Erek asked "What was that?!" He asked scared

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"That was Alek playing with his new toy. Don't worry" he replied.

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"It's like Fast Travel!" Alek yelled from outside

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"Mr.Azusa? What are you doing here?" Erek asked politely

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"Why, I'm checking up on your security items. Making sure there aren't any breaches." he replied as he began replacing some rusting bolts.

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"No, I mean what are you doing at this building?" Erek said

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"I'm a technician" he lied as he bit his lip and placed a small keypad on the door.

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"That's cool. Do you need anything?" Erek asked

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Alek walked back in and began to talk to

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**Talk to Erek. He asked "Ever seen a girl come in here? Western clothing, talks like a cowgirl?"
Erek answered saying no and asked why. "Well, you see, I really like that girl. I first saw her while I was walking down the hall,-" He answered "And she has horse ears!" He whispered.
Erek said "Really? I wanna be a hors-" Alek clamped his mouth
"It's a secret. You can't tell anyone! Not even Mr. Azusa, Okay?" Alek said quietly "Okay, pinkey swear" Erek said
Alek chuckled and said "Pinkey Swear"

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