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message 1: by Lorraine (last edited Jan 19, 2015 07:14AM) (new)

Lorraine | 57 comments Okay, Week 1 -- book with at least 500 pages. No problem, "Pillars of the Earth" is way more than that. I started it, loved it, and got *almost* to the end, maybe another 100 pages.

But then it was Week2 -- romance. "Pride and Prejudice", my daughter's favorite book. I started that, didn't like it quite as much as Week 1 but persevered. Got *almost* to the end, maybe another 50-75 pages.

But then it was Week 3 -- book made into a movie. "The Hobbit". I'm in the middle of it now, and I'm loving this one more than either Week 1 or Week 2 books.

The burning question is, will I finish it BEFORE Week 4 starts??? omg, I can see me now, arriving at the very last week of the challenge, Week 52 "a book you started by never finished" -- and having 51 WEEKS OF BOOKS TO FINISH!! omg. :p lolol

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Barstad (maidenoflight) I'm behind on the weekly challenge thing, but I'm looking at it as I'll catch up once I get to the weeks where it won't take long to finish a book. For instance a childhood favorite will take me about 5 minutes to read it. I can use that week to catch up if i'm still behind.

message 3: by Guy (new)

Guy | 37 comments Yeah, me too. I set myself up for this by picking a book for week one with almost 1000 pages. I'm reading it on my Kindle reader so I know that I am 61% finished. Isn't that a weird concept? I'm not even worrying about keeping pace week by actual week. I have faith that by the end of the year I will have filled in all 52 blanks. Almost.

message 4: by Peter (new)

Peter I'm trying to balance it out by countering longer books by reading a shorter book for the week before or after. That way, hopefully I can try and keep up. If you got almost all the way through a 1000 page book in a week, you should have no problem getting through The Hobbit. It is only a couple hundred pages, but reads very quickly. It is a good book, but is not a difficult read.

message 5: by Lou (new)

Lou LaJeunesse | 45 comments I began just a bit late. Picked a book of a over 700 pages. Life caught me unaware and I lost some of my reaad time. It was week 3 i grabbed that book and finished. I have week 1 still bookmmarked in place on my Kindle App on the laptop. Week 2 is on my Nook. I have books everywhere I am in one form or another. I have a book on my nightstand and one by the reciner next to the fireplace. With us haviing severe cold weather I DO NOT have one in the pocket of my patio chair. LOL I will finish the challenge but my reading habits would probably confuse an entire computer program with logic.

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Harris (nicoleintrovert) I'm not going in order. That is just too much pressure for me and makes it more of an assignment and not as much fun. I'm listening to my 500+ page as an audiobook so I'll just take as much time as I want on my commute and gym time etc. :)

message 7: by Busy (last edited Jan 19, 2015 05:09AM) (new)

Busy | 65 comments I'm taking as much time as I need to read each book. With things like "a trilogy" and "a book you can finish in a day" I figure it will balance out. It's 50ish books for the year- I look at the weeks as rough guidelines for time management and a way to label the topics instead of just "Book 1." It took me 2 days longer to finish the first book and 2 days longer to finish the second book, but now I have time enough to read a second book in the third week!

message 8: by Deana (new)

Deana (ablotial) I'm going in order, but I'm not necessarily doing it WEEKLY. Some books will take longer than a week, either due to length or just because life gets in the way. But making it through all 52 books will be a great achievement, even if it's not exactly one per week.

message 9: by Luisa (new)

Luisa (deborahluisa) I have the same problem.
I'm reading Pride and Prejudice on week 2 challenge, and i'm stuck. I think i read 30% of the book and can't go on... I will keep reading but it will probably take me more than a month to read.
Meanwhile i'm almost finishing the week 3 challenge. almost 90% done.
I think the same as Deana: there are books that will take more than a week and books will take less.
Also i don't discard the possibility of putting a book down for a while, and coming back to it later. or not even coming back. This is suppose to be fun! Of course, a challenge, but a fun challenge. without pressure. :)

message 10: by Heather (new)

Heather (heather1212) | 12 comments I agree with Luisa. I refuse to make reading, my favorite activity, into something onerous. I joined this challenge to drag myself away from my bad TV habit and back into books. That's all. If I find that I made a bad choice of books, then I'll put it down and pick up the next one. That said, when I get to the end of the list, I might go back and finish for the sake of the challenge. I do love to read! And I started this board a week late, so I just finished my week 2 book...

message 11: by Emily (new)

Emily Just because you don't finish a book by the end of that week doesn't mean that you have to abandon that book in order to pick up the next one.

I still haven't finished my week one book, I just started my week two book this weekend, and I started my week three book today. [None of these three books are finished yet]. If you're not someone who likes to read multiple books at a time, then just finish the one you started and get caught up later. I know that, since I finished my week four book early, I will be able to catch up on my other books during that week.

Read your books in whatever way makes you comfortable. This challenge is set up as a guideline to try and get you to read 52 books in one year, and giving you some ideas to try and read something a little different than you might normally. It is not set up to make reading a chore. If you need to skip a week in order to get caught up, skip it! No one will judge you for that. :)

.•*¨`*•✿ ✿•*¨`*•. Christine .•*¨`*•✿ ✿•*¨`*• I'm going through in order (pretty much anyway) but not worrying if I finish one late or start one early. I just finished week 2 last night (late).

If you find yourself falling too far behind, see if you can find a book that fits into two categories and knock off two weeks at once.

message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Harris (nicoleintrovert) I'm also doubling (tripilling) up on some of the tasks. Making this fun is my #1 priority... and reading some stuff that is not my usual forte.

message 14: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tiggerrd) | 73 comments My first week challenge is not completed yet, but in progress. No start on week two. But I have read at least five books that fulfill the challenge. I can't go in order as I depend on the library mostly to supply my books. But I Iove reading about what others have discovered and keep adding to my reading queue. Maybe one of these weeks will be in synch---lol. I chuckled at the thought of 51-52 books started but none completed---doubt that would actually ever happen because I know there are going to be some quick reads on there and some real page-turners that will keep you up to read one more chapter, one more page...

Have fun!

message 15: by Megan (new)

Megan (bookworm_booklover) | 170 comments I'm not reading in order by any means, I'm reading the books I currently own that are on my list before I go buying or borrowing books. In order to diminish my TBR pile I'm grabbing books off the shelf and fitting them in. Read what fits your mood in the moment, otherwise you might, like you said end the year with 51 books you haven't finished, and then, where was the point?

message 16: by Jenna (new)

Jenna I'm sort of reading in order but also going out of order a bit. I still haven't finished week 2 but my week 3 book is shorter, so hoping to finish that soon, and just keep reading my week 2 book at the same time as other books.

message 17: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine | 57 comments Lol. Yes, I was sort-of joking. I know I'd never end the year with 51 books unread, but it's kind of funny that week 52 is "a book you started but haven't finished". lol

I'm determined to finish "Pride and Prejudice" even though I don't care for it very much, so I'm using "The Hobbit" (Week 3) as my reward. Read some of "Pride and Prejudice" then I can read "The Hobbit". :) They'll both be done eventually. :p

message 18: by Rebeccah (new)

Rebeccah Giltrow (rebeccah_giltrow) | 76 comments I don't think you have to read a book per week. And I also don't think you have to do it in the order that the list is written. I'm just taking this as a challenge to read as many from the list as possible. I hope to read them all though. If you get to the week where the suggested book is one that you can read in a day, are you going to read nothing until the next week starts? I think you should just read at your own pace and try to get them all done.

message 19: by Luisa (new)

Luisa (deborahluisa) Lorraine, we have the same problem with the same book! Pride and Prejudice can be a real challenge here. :)

I like your system about reading something else as reward! I will try it!

message 20: by Biblio (new)

Biblio Curious (bibliocurious) Lorraine, that's a great idea! Picking a book as a reward from your Challenge List :D

message 21: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Barstad (maidenoflight) I just had a thought a while ago about this weekly challenge. I'm wondering why they didn't put the romance around Valentine's day and why they didn't put book published this year towards the end of the year instead of at the beginning. Just seems strange to me with that one.

message 22: by Tanya (last edited Jan 20, 2015 08:13AM) (new)

Tanya (tiggerrd) | 73 comments Jennifer wrote: "I just had a thought a while ago about this weekly challenge. I'm wondering why they didn't put the romance around Valentine's day and why they didn't put book published this year towards the end o..."

Popsugar writers probably just brainstormed and made a list of 52 different books selection categories.. It was our goodreads group that decided to read them as a weekly discussion topic, though not all members are reading the list's consecutive categories.

message 23: by Zaz, Mood Minion (new)

Zaz | 1387 comments Mod
I agree with Tanya, the Popsugar challenge is not a weekly list, but there are 52 books in it, like in 52 weeks per year :)

I've no problem with this reading challenge because... I like reading :p
So, a list is just a way to read more and to discover new books/authors. Goodreads already helped me with this, so the challenge doesn't really change something. But I liked planning all the books, I added several books per week and I'm enjoying some side-reads.
I understand some people here could miss freedom, but I chose only books which interested me, so it's not a "duty" to read them :)

message 24: by Cait (new)

Cait (clickcait) | 480 comments I'm using my list as a way to reread some old favourites as well as to read some books that I want to read or think I should read. I'm not stressing out about if I over-run or under-run on a week. I've got a side read on the go at the moment and I probably won't finish it before Thursday, but that's okay because I'll just go on to read my Week 4 book on Friday or Saturday or whenever I do finish it. I'll catch up further down the line. :-)

I think the main thing to do during this challenge is to have fun. So long as you're having fun, you're doing the challenge right. And if you find some new favourite books, authors and friends along the way, then so much the better, ;-)

message 25: by Michele (new)

Michele (micheleleann) I'm super behind too because I read 4 books of a series I wanted to read this year before I even knew about this challenge! But luckily I worked those 4 into this list, so I'll have time to catch up on those weeks.

message 26: by Rebeccah (new)

Rebeccah Giltrow (rebeccah_giltrow) | 76 comments It's impossible to be 'behind' with this challenge (unless you end up in 2016 having only read a handful of books from the 2015 list). There are no strict rules to read a book each week, neither must you read the books in order. Although this is a challenge, it should be fun. We shouldn't be panicking for any reason. Just read and enjoy, and don't think about being 'behind'.

message 27: by Marina H (new)

Marina H | 272 comments My biggest problem is, that I really want to read the books I've chosen, but I also want to read the books everybody else has chosen... And I don't have enough time!! :-)

message 28: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine | 57 comments Marina wrote: "My biggest problem is, that I really want to read the books I've chosen, but I also want to read the books everybody else has chosen... And I don't have enough time!! :-)"

Yes, that about sums up my situation. During the time I spend here browsing everyone else's books, and reading reviews, and looking up links...well, in that time I could probably have finished that darn "Pride and Prejudice"! lolol

message 29: by Rachael (new)

Rachael | 18 comments I really want to go in order (I'm kinda a "rules-y person like that) but I don't want to actually BUY 52 books this year so I'm at the liberty of the library and when things are available. I'm going to try and go in order as much as possible, and also considering a Kindle Unlimited subscription, since so far a lot of my books have been on there.

message 30: by Michele (new)

Michele (micheleleann) Rebeccah wrote: "It's impossible to be 'behind' with this challenge (unless you end up in 2016 having only read a handful of books from the 2015 list). There are no strict rules to read a book each week, neither m..."

While I definitely agree with you, it's so much more fun to be able to discuss your current book in real-time with the others that are reading it with you. That's the only reason I'm even concerned with doing it in any order.

message 31: by Busy (new)

Busy | 65 comments Lorraine wrote: "Marina wrote: "My biggest problem is, that I really want to read the books I've chosen, but I also want to read the books everybody else has chosen... And I don't have enough time!! :-)"

Yes, that..."

The library is the way to go for me because I can't afford a pile of new books, and most of the books I want to read I don't own. I am checking out the books a few weeks ahead of time and plan on renewing them several times to keep them until the time I read them. It didn't work out for week 3, but thankfully the board was so full of good ideas I was easily able to find another book I wanted to read that I could check out immediately. My library also has an app with ebooks and eaudiobooks you can instantly check out which is very handy, although newer ones often have a wait list.

message 32: by Rachael (new)

Rachael | 18 comments My problem is when I need a book for the challenge and it already has 5 holds on it. Multiply that by 2 weeks per checkout. Way too long. Plus if you check out the book TOO soon and someone else puts a hold on it you won't be able to renew it. That's the problem I'm facing at the moment so I think I'm gonna skip ahead a couple weeks to a book I already got checked out, and then come back when I can get the other one.

message 33: by Berit (new)

Berit | 138 comments If I only buy 52 books this year I'll be saving a ton of money :-) I agree it's fun doing the books in order so you can chat with the other people that are reading the same book. But I don't think reading should ever be stressful for me it's an escape a stress reliever are, so no stress!

message 34: by Magdalene Anne (new)

Magdalene Anne (magza) I didn't finish week 1 yet but I finished week 2... Part of me was forcing myself to finish just so I could go in order and finish "on time". But then I realized I was reading to complete and not to enjoy. After that I started letting myself go in and out of different weeks reading what I'm in the mood for. Also I'm getting almost all my books from my library so a few will be out of order since at least 3 I've been on a wait list for months, so obviously I will read those immediately since not finishing could waiting forever to get the book again!

Mostly I'm seeing this as a way to expand the types of books I read and learning about books I've never heard of.

message 35: by Berit (new)

Berit | 138 comments I really need to go to the library! The problem is I love shopping for anything online or in the store and you have to love the smell of a bookstore :-)

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