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The first 20-25 people to request this book get a FREE physical copy of THE MEANING OF MARIAH CAREY!!!

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Like I sent in a message to all of you. The first 20-25 people to request this book will get a FREE physical copy of this book. If you do want a physical copy of this book I need you to message me your address (ONLY PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE U.S CAN HAVE A PHYSICAL COPY). The rest of you guys can have a FREE ebook of the book. If you want the book in ebook please message me and give me your email.

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Guys come on

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Simona | 679 comments Mod
this is so cool! i’m in canada so i can’t get the physical copy but i don’t really like ebooks so ig i’m out ☹️ thanks so much for the offer tho!

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That's okay. Your welcome.

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The offer is still up Beka if you would like a physical copy of the book. I need your address. Also, do you live in the US?

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Awesome then just message me on grs and tell me your address and I will get it to you as soon as I can.

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Um, remind me what a P.O ox is again? Sorry.

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Oh right, lol I think that will work I just need the address of the post office. I also need what state you live in.

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Kay, thanks.

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