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message 1: by Sumit (last edited Oct 07, 2020 10:20AM) (new)

Sumit R | 3 comments * Title - Awake Apprentice: A System for Transforming your Job into a Creative Career
* Author(s) name(s) - Hilary Jane Grosskopf
* ISBN (or ASIN) - 1732358346
* Publisher - Awake Solutions
* Publication date - September, 25, 2020
* Format - Paperback and Kindle
* Description - In Hilary Jane Grosskopf’s latest guidebook about creative career development, learn how to find the right job for you and how to use your job to awaken your creativity. Awake Apprentice is a step-by-step guide with interactive exercises, based on Hilary’s experience as an engineer and leader the corporate world of retail, a leadership strategist, and an award-winning author. Whether you want to find a better job, start your own venture, solve real-world problems, or apply your creative powers, this interactive and authentic book will be your springboard for success.
* Page count - 280
* Link -

message 2: by Mantvydas (new)

Mantvydas | 1093 comments Done. Added Kindle Edition and Paperback.

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