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message 1: by Neesie (new)

Neesie | 888 comments Hello, we have just read a library book, and when we tried to record the edition (by ISBN), the book does not exist on Goodreads. However, there is another edition of this book with the same year, binding, and publisher. Is this the same book? Are books sometimes released with multiple ISBNs?

We had another time where this happened (with a book we own) and someone else in my family tried to do the "request a new book" protocol on their account, but a librarian commented saying the book was already here. However, the ISBN did not exist prior to their comment, and it is now attached to a book with a totally different publisher than the one we had listed in our request (and isn't what is written on the book).

I am very confused about this. Thank you for any clarification. I do not want to waste time requesting new books be added if they're extra ISBNs for books that already exist here.

message 2: by Suzi (new)

Suzi | 8667 comments every circumstance is different.

What was an issue with one book may not apply to a different title/edition/isbn/author.

Please provide links to the specific book in question here and someone may be able to clarify the issue.

message 3: by Neesie (new)

Neesie | 888 comments Thank you. For the specific book we have read, this edition says it is from the same year/publisher/binding:

ours has the ISBN 978-1-549-08370-9

message 4: by Neesie (new)

Neesie | 888 comments bump

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