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The Death of Mrs. Westaway
This topic is about The Death of Mrs. Westaway
DEATH OF MRS WESTAWAY - Oct 2020 > End - (ch 27-end)

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Krista (booksandjams) | 746 comments Mod
You did it!

How did you like this book?
Was the ending satisfying? Surprising?
How does this compare to other Ruth Ware books you've read?
What final thoughts do you have?
What will you rate this one?

Sarah (prairielily) | 26 comments I enjoyed this book and would give it 4/5.

The ending wasn't exactly a surprise, I knew there would be a showdown of some sort. I am glad that Hal got to keep the money, found a family and learned her history. Everything wrapped up nicely.

I really liked how Hal never referred to Mrs. Westaway by her first name or as 'grandmother'. I think it reminded her that she was an outsider and as the book went on, that her position as outsider was one of choice by her mother.

I do think that 1995 is getting close to the end of being able to disappear without a trace and start a new life. Without criminal connections. And running someone over with a car isn't foolproof, wouldn't there be CCTV everywhere?

I would say that this book is on par with The Turn of the Key, better than The Lying Game and much better than The Woman in Cabin 10.

Emily | 4 comments I enjoyed this, and would also give it 4/5 stars.

I convinced myself that Mr Treswick was in on it and maybe he wasn’t. Oops 🙊

I enjoyed how Mrs Warren was handled, and I loved that Hal got her family in the end (at least Mitzi!!).

Part of me is still slightly confused about the her being raised by Maud thing - wouldn’t she have recognized her from the picture as her mom??

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