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District one:
Female:Ember Clint (Sherlock)
Male:Caser Whillams (Imtryan 153)

District two
Female~Annalise Rallison (Fiona)
Male~Tribunas Clarke (Rachel)

District 3:
Female~Lola Jackson (Fiona)
Male~Luca Mc Carthy(Rachel)

District four:
Female~Lillian Marsh (Taylor)
Male~Joel White (Fiona)

District 5:
Female~Sadie K. (Ashely)
Female~Mare Moore (Zara)

District six:
Female~Marrin Talle (Moonlark)
Male~ Grant (THEcaramel_rose,)

District seven
Female:Halle Smith (Rachel)
Male~Troye Mellet (Fiona)

District eight:
Female~Willow B.(Carmel)
Male~Jake A.(Carmel)

District 9:
Female~Terra Fletcher
Male~Josh Brian(Ginerva)

District 10
Female~Jasmine S.Kites (Ashely)
Male~ Avil Sun(RQ)

District eleven
Female:Althea Trevella (Sherlock)
Male~Blake Martian (Taylor)

District twelve
Female~Elina Barrows (Sherlock)
Male~Leto Barrows (Moonlark)

Caramel {Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be human} (thecaramel_rose) ((I have the male in 6 and both in 8... I created them a while ago so maybe I need to change that.))

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((Darn it I forgot! Which female tributes are free? I'll change mine.))

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I'm changing Lilly to district 4

Caramel {Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be human} (thecaramel_rose) ((*Sighs* I have the male in 6, Mark))

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I'm sorry. This is getting confusing.

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Mark in six?

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Okay I'm officially confused

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Yeah I'm going to figure out everything in a minute.

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Okay I was like Mark I don't see a Mark..

Caramel {Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be human} (thecaramel_rose) Sorry, but i do have the male for 6

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its okay

ѕнєяℓσ¢к {ιf ι ωαѕ α вℓυєвιя∂, ι ωσυℓ∂ fℓу тσ уσυ} (mushroomlad) THEcaramel_rose wrote: "ACK sorry his name is Grant."

So was my crush from 1st-4th grade XD (He's a grade older than me) Then in 7th grade he had a crush on me.

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Kanomi Okina (goodreadscomkanomi_okina) | 51 comments Terra Fletcher, District 9

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Leto Barrows, 12 Male

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