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Terri Terri Sep 28, 2020 08:54AM
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Is anyone else reading a Private Cathedral by James Lee Burke and noticing discrepancies in this book? I've been rereading James Lee Burke's books. I love Dave Robicheaux! Then I finally got a copy of The Private Cathedral and noticed that Dave states that he's had 2 wives. That's not right. He had his first wife, who left him because he was a drunk. Then Annie, who was murdered in her bed. Then Bootsie, who died of Lupus. Then Molly, who died in a car wreck.
Then Dave says that Clete has a daughter that he doesn't know and doesn't know where she is. He met his daughter, Gretchen Horowitz, in Light of the World.
I'm not done with the book, so I haven't noticed any more discrepencies.
Is James Lee Burke ok??

I had a difficult time finishing this book. This was not written as well as his other books. I found it disjointing and confusing. The ending was a let down.

The first writer is correct, Dave had 4 wives. I love Burke but it does look like editors would catch this. I felt this book took away from all the quality writing he has done.

I saw the wives issue as well as some other statements that seemed incorrect. I felt as I read this book that Dave was recounting the story to someone when he (Dave) was very, very old and his memory was not reliable about some facts. His willingness to accept the supernatural nature of Gideon, that Leslie Rosenberg had become an actual angel seems to me to be a state of mind that he would come to as he was approaching the end of his life and he realized that life contained many things that were unexplainable, especially in Louisiana. But that is just me trying to reconcile some of the facts in the book that were not consistent with the earlier novels. I welcome anyone's explanation!!

I've always had a problem buying into the supernatural in any novel, but I could accept it in Burke's books because he was such an excellent writer.

But this book went too far. The whole thing with Gideon and the black ship and all the other woo-woo stuff was just too much.

The other thing that really got to me this time was the dialog. I got fed up with trying to translate what people are saying into logical conversation.

So, as of now, Burke is off my 'To Read' list.

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