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message 1: by Emily, President '20 (new)

Emily | 9 comments Mod
To returning members, welcome back to the Reader’s club and new members; we are so excited you have joined us. My name is Emily, and I am your new President. I am in my 4th year or Biomedical sciences and have a passion for reading! For me, reading is a great way to escape from any stress or worries I have. My favourite book is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It combines biology and ethics, two topics I love. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you; please feel free to comment, say hi, and tell me your favourite book.

We will be starting our first reading in early October. I will be posting in the Book Nomination topic to nominate a book that we can read. Please post your nominations in the forum “October 2020 Nominations” under discussion topics. In your nomination, provide the book title and why we should choose this book. We will have a vote to choose the final book.
If you have any questions, please email me at emilymor@my.yorku.ca.

Thank you :)

message 2: by Sohaib (new)

Sohaib (sohaibology) | 2 comments Hiii there,

My name is Sohaib and I'm in my third year of the religious studies program. Super gald to find this club at York. I (finally) got back into reading and I can't believe I had stopped for a while. They were dark times indeed. Times are crazy and the world is clearly going to shit so I'm going to curl up in a book. I am currently rereading one of my favorites, The Book Thief which I missed so dearly.

Anyways looking forward to reading with you guys. Cheers!

message 3: by sharon (new)

sharon (selene2) | 6 comments Hi! My name is Sharon and I'm in my 3rd year here at York. I switched majors from Psych to Bio in my second year so right now I'm technically in 2nd year Bio. I been in this club for a year but I could never find the time to complete the readings :( I'm hoping this year I can really change that and be more active in this club!! I absolutely love reading it's pretty much the only thing I do for fun asides from Tiktok and Twitter. I'm looking forward to this year and trying to read as many books as possible.

I pretty much only read fiction books which are usually of the high fantasy genre but I want to branch out which is why I've been trying to get into mystery. The last book I read was "Then She Was Gone" by Lisa Jewell. It was pretty dark and heartbreaking to me but I loved the book!

Anyways I'm super excited to start reading and getting to know you guys more!!

message 4: by Bohdana (new)

Bohdana (bookhoardingdrakon) | 5 comments Hi! My name is Bohdana, I'm in my last year of studying History (and Classical Studies as a minor). I have also been in this book club since last year, too. I am glad to be apart of this club, there are always interesting books chosen. :)

I typically read fantasy series (myths in a sci-fi setting is one my my favourite combinations) but I've been reading more non-fiction lately. I would say my favourite book is The House of Hades (book 4 in the Heroes of Olympus series) by Rick Riordan. Mostly I love it for the nostalgia, so that was fun to revisit when I reread it earlier in the year. I just really like books that places myths in a contemporary setting.

message 5: by Isabelle (last edited Jan 26, 2021 10:09AM) (new)

Isabelle | 5 comments Hi, my name is Isabelle. One of the books that has been my favourite book that I have read so far is promoting justice, and the title of the book is called, My Secret Unicorn series by Linda Chapman, which is about a girl named Lauren, who has a younger brother named Max, and she is helping others with the help of her friend, who is a magical unicorn, that her name is Twilight. The unicorn is her friend, and she is able to transform into a beautiful snow- white unicorn, and there she also is able to talk to her friends. The book is for a younger audience, and also another book that I really enjoy reading about is a vampire series written by Sienna Mercer, and the book is about like there is Olivia who is a teen, and her twin sister, is a vampire who's name is Ivy. They are able to travel discussing about their journey, regarding being sisters and like their family origins, through their vampire moments as well as their average moments. It is really interesting to see whether or not they will reveal their secrets, plus it appears to be interesting to see how they will adapt.

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