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message 1: by Abby (new)

Abby Snodgrass | 529 comments Mod
Since it's hard to choose BOTM's that are part of a series, I had an idea that maybe we could do one or two book series a quarter or even a year. We could stick with series' that have no more than 4 books, and we'd have 3 or 4 months to read them, with a thread and discussions going on throughout that time. This would be separate from our BOTM, maybe we could call it Series of The Quarter?

What do you think?

message 2: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Adams | 20 comments I think that’s a great idea!

message 3: by Mel (new)

Mel Baker (themelbaker) | 76 comments I'm totally in! There are even a couple series that I've started but would love to have others to discuss them with. I can definitely recommend a few.

And I noticed several of our authors that are part of the group actually have published series rather than stand alone. So we could definitely help them out by reading a few and reviewing!

message 4: by Jay (new)

Jay Brown | 47 comments I'm with Mel, I can think of several that would be a good start for us. Trilogies might be good for the first time or two, maybe even a duology.

I'll definitely participate.

message 5: by Abby (new)

Abby Snodgrass | 529 comments Mod
I think so too. Let's try it for the 4th quarter and see how it goes. I'll start a poll.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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