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The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braids (Amra Thetys, #1)
Read-Along – Week 3 (Ch. 17–25) > What In The World? – Part 3

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Justine (its_justine) The threads are starting to come together and we're learning more about that strange things that are happening all around.

We finally meet Lhiewyn, the grouchy high priest of knowledge, and he has things to say. I love me an old crotchety character, and it was so great to see him enlighten Amra. Along with Jessup, we learn a bit more about the mad Eightfold Bitch. While still a bit of an enigma, are you enjoying learning more about her? (Side note: If you loved Lhiewyn as much as I did, McClung's The Last God is a book of three short stories featuring that old codger if you're interested!)

We're introduced to demons and demonettes, all of whom are intriguing and horrifying in equal measure! Do you think the hatred ghoul is related to them in any way? Seems like the villa breach would've been an opportune time for another appearance, but it was strangely absent...

We get another mention of the Guardian, as well as a close call with blood being spilt in the Necropolis. It was mentioned two times in this batch of's gotta show up soon, right?!

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Jason Aycock | 20 comments Mod
Sigh...I'm now adding another book to my TBR...thanks Justine.

Yeah the chapters with the priests are really interesting to me. I love the backstory and world building they provide. And the whole background on the Eightfold Bitch is kinda cool, especially how singular aspects of her are still venerated in different forms but nobody seems to know the true history of her combined form. Someone seems desperate to keep her from coming back in her fullness.

As for the hatred ghoul I wondered about that. Maybe he's a form of the goddess. But yeah why didn't he show when he was there last time Amra was at the mansion?

Now the Guardian is a creature I definitely want to see in action. I'm pretty confident we'll see it or else why the hints and slow build. Maybe a cool climax fight scene in the cemetary?!?! One can hope.

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