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Hey, you know that light at the end of the tunnel? I never got to see it.

Name: Kalliope Evans
Age: 17 (at death. More or less 117)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual

It's funny because my Maman used to say the same exact thing until she was beheaded for gossiping

Species: Ghost
Position: One of those wise but childish ghosts that won't leave anyone alone

Alright, Alright, so let me get this straight. You got covered in Hot Tar, slathered with feathers, then dragged around by a horse? Seriously?

Personality (5+ Sentences): Kalliope was a flirt when she was alive, which was why she died. The female never can keep her nose in her business and seems to always know everything despite the fact that she blaitently doesnt. Kallie tends to be a tad shy when around newcomers and can never attend to anything on time despite the fact that she had plently of earthly alarm clocks.

Ooh! I had a lesbian couple in my town once. They where gutted and strung up for the birds once they where caught

History- tbd


Alexandra Daddario - Home | Facebook
Face Claim: alexandra daddario
Dress Style:
Pin by taylor b 🚀 on Black and Red | Cool outfits, Grunge outfits, Fashion *yes she can change her outfit*


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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments Approved yes I love her

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Ryan | 219 comments Hope you all like my tiny ghosty character. :) But do tell me if I need to change anything. :)

"Always check for the 'small' print."

Name: Lucen Treeblade (Feel free to suggest a different name if you want. XD)
Age: 27 when he died but now he doesn't remember how old.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual

"Don't worry, I'll keep the academy and students safe."

Species: Ghostly Ghost
Plant: Lucky Bamboo (Tis a small plant is why. XD)
Plant (scientific name): Dracaena sanderiana
Position: A Defender of the Academy

"Must students be blind to what's beneath them?"

Personality (5+ Sentences): He cares for the academy very deeply and doesn't wish to see anything harm it or those in it, such as the students. However, he doesn't really care what those students do to him since he's used to his super small size now. However, he does care what happens to them and would protect them even if it means him harm, which is what killed him in the first place, but he has become way better since then in combat. He listens to the other staff members to the tee and especially does so with the headmaster and other high-ranking staff. He does patrols through the school and outside of the school, and as long as he doesn't get stepped on, he actually doesn't really mind them but still thinks about the day that he agreed to a code that applies to him still.

"I remember the day of my agreement to the code to which I abide..."

History (5+ sentences): He was once a student of the academy when he was still alive. He was an esteemed student of the school even though his plants remained at a small size but was very good at combat with a blade. He soon became a defender of the school for a decent amount of time until he finally fell in combat against a huge threat, luckily he caused it to retreat before dying. However, before dying, he agreed to a code which caused him to stick around as a defender of the academy but causing him to do no harm to the students and caused him to shrink to a very small size. He has gotten used to such a size and the benefits which came with it, unfortunately, it's not so good when he's around students.

"I won't fail my duty again, as I have kept training since then."

Appearance: He wears his defender armor which has kept the hole in the armor which killed him in the past in appearance, but is still physically there as armor. His blue eyes also change color depending on what he's currently doing. Fighting would be pure red, while being kind to others would be green, it depends on what goes on. He also wields a silver blade which goes along with his new fighting style of super fast strikes and movement.

"Time for a patrol! Hopefully, the students notice me this time..."

Likes: Patrolling and defending the academy.
Dislikes: When students don't see him or mess with him taking advantage of his size.
Strengths: His speed, his size and his fighting skill.
Weaknesses: His size and students.

"My size is both good and bad... but I'm used to it."

Special Items: His Defender Armor and Silver Blade
Skills: Fighting skill and speed

"The Headmaster wishes to talk with me, I wonder what she wants."

Author's Note: He is super tiny, likely smaller than a mouse. XD

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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ryan | 219 comments ƓąӀӀąղէ Ɠҽҽҟվ Ɠąվ Ɠҽçҟօ wrote: "APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks! :D Should I have him be in the hall where your character is? XD

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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments Sure!

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​ (dragomania) | 255 comments Orientation: None (I don't fully remember the term for when you don't want to be with anyone. XD)

Le term you're looking for might be aromantic or asexual?

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Ryan | 219 comments Veronica wrote: "Orientation: None (I don't fully remember the term for when you don't want to be with anyone. XD)

Le term you're looking for might be aromantic or asexual?"

Yep, thank you, I'll change that later. :)

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"Kill them with kindness and bury them with a smile."

Name: Katharine Dethanae
Age: technically 157, but she looks 17.
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteroflexible, bicurious, potentially sapiosexual (she’s never liked anyone enough to know)

"If God has a plan for me, I’ve already foiled it."

Species: Human
Plant: Deadly Nightshade
Plant (scientific name): atropa belladonna
Position: Ghost

"Death might have a heart, but I don’t."

Personality: Oof. Katharine is seemingly quiet, but friendly enough. She’ll act nice enough and pretty sweet, the kind of person you wouldn’t know well but would consider a friendly person.
She’s actually very venomous - much like her plant. Sweet and alluring, until you die.
That’s Katharine. She’s very, very manipulative, preferring to draw people in with that promising outer shell, then destroying their lives. As you’ve probably guessed, she’s very deceptive and one of the best liars there is. She’s great at illusions and acting, and really persuasive.
Because under all the exteriors she puts on, Katharine is cold. Hard. Emotionless. She’s as toxic as her berries and as cunning as a snake. She has almost no empathy. She’s ruthless, lethal and deadly. There’s just something about her that’s wild, uncontrollable, and cruel.
Why? Well, she’s just like that. Katharine is made of malice and steel - she loves watching others crumble because of her. She loves emotional turmoil, and being the cause of it. She was almost always like that - bitter. Angry. Her life was miserable, so she spends her death making others feel that way. Because she never got the happiness that she should have, so why do they get it?
She’s an alarmingly good fighter and as fast as a whip. She’s spending her afterlife learning. Learning secrets, skills, people, and weapons. She was always smart, and determined. And she stops at nothing. It’s almost impossible to stop her from getting what she wants.

"I expected death to be boring after a hundred and forty years, but it’s much more amusing to watch."

History: Katharine was raised in a human city with two wealthy socialite parents. She was the only child, and since she was a daughter they expected her to marry into more wealth.
She was trained from a young age in behavior and deportment as well as regular education. She never got to do what she wanted, like become a journalist or actress, because someone of her station was too “respectable” for that kind of work. She could never even walk anywhere alone.
Under that kind of surveillance and expectation, she grew bitter and cold - but concealed it all beneath that docile exterior.
One night, she had a dinner with one of her parents’ potential suitors, one of the only instances that she would be alone with someone else. They were sitting in a garden. Under the table, a small shrub was growing around his legs, and because even the leaves of the belladonna plant are poisonous, it was highly uncomfortable for him. Katharine didn’t realize that she was causing it - but then again, she wouldn’t have stopped it.
Bushes technically don’t grow around people like vines, but Katharine was unconsciously influencing the plant. It twined around him, effectively paralyzing him. And on an impulse, she reached out and plucked the berries, mixing them into his wine and tipping it down his throat.
By the time the guard got into the room, the bush had grown into him, wrapping around his neck and across his head like a mocking crown.
No one would listen to Katharine’s protestations that she hadn’t done anything, and had no idea what had happened. She was sent off to an asylum.
Which is where she died, experimented on and tortured, and kept in a cage like an animal. She was fed twice a day, and the only things in the room were rows of other cages, all occupied.
Ironically enough, she was freest in the asylum, to curse and scream. She nearly escaped, just before her death. Her powers exploded again, taking down the guards and several other inmates before she was caught. And killed.
But this bitter, fierce girl wasn’t going to pass on peacefully. She haunted her old mansion, the city, and eventually the asylum. She learned everyone’s secrets - that the man she'd killed had been notorious in the black market. That her parent’s business was corrupt. That the doctors who inflicted so much pain and agony on her were under orders from the government.
She gave them all nightmares.
After about seventy-five years, she started hearing about more people with powers like hers. At first, she scorned the whispers, wanting nothing to do with it. But she kept hearing more, and eventually found the Academy. She's been here for sixty five years now.

"Whatever doesn’t kill me had better be running."
(and she’s already been killed, so...)

Appearance: Katharine has long, sleek purple-black hair and very dark green eyes. Her lips are usually painted a dark purple, and her skin is creamy golden. She has scars across her back and arms. She’s tall and slender, and very agile. Basically, she looks as wildly alluring as her exterior personality. But when she wants to be, she’s unnervingly fast.
Dress Style:

she likes heeled black boots. She always wears a silver snake ring, which is from her life. She wears elegant, fitting clothes, usually black or something dark neutral. Her usual outfit is a cropped black sweater top, with high-waisted pants or a dress/jumpsuit underneath. Her hair is usually left loose, but she braids it back sometimes. Her makeup is light and natural, save for her lipstick.
And she always has a weapon hidden somewhere. Usually on her nails, which are poisoned to paralyze and sedate immediately with skin laceration.

"Giving a crap really doesn’t go with my crown."

Likes: manipulation and deception, poisons, learning something new, secrets, having power over others, belladonna berries, journals and diaries
Dislikes: having to give in to anything, passiveness, restraints, chains, people who try to stop her, tomatoes, dancing, bright sunlight
Strengths: intelligent, manipulative, ruthless, cold, determined and resilient, fierce, fast, amazing fighter, clever, skilled, great at espionage and trickery
Weaknesses: too vicious sometimes, ruthless, bitter and angry, too guarded, secretive, disdainful, always has to have the upper hand

"Want to know why I haven’t passed on? Death doesn’t want to deal with me."

Special Items: a silver snake ring that she took from her old mansion, and a little glass bottle containing the poison extract from her first belladonna bush
Powers/Abilities: chlorokinesis, but only for belladonna. As a ghost, she can become insubstantial/walk through things, and can disappear.
Most humans don't have great control over their abilities, but Katharine has had over a century to master hers.
Other: she also has a hidden side of sass that she serves on a platter of blackmail.

"You have as much blood to spill as secrets."

- Nightmare by Halsey
- Unstoppable by Sia
- Play With Fire by Sam Tinnesz
- Blood//Water by grandson
- Glory by The Score

"When Hell glares at me, I smile back."

Author's Note: I’m weirdly obsessed with making deadly characters with painful backstories. I don’t get it.

"You trusted me? That’s adorable."

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​ (dragomania) | 255 comments btw murder is illegal

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​ (dragomania) | 255 comments Dislikes: having to give in to anything, passiveness, restraints, chains, people who try to stop her, tomatoes,

tomatoes are actually nightshades so this one's kinda funny

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​ (dragomania) | 255 comments Author's Note: I’m weirdly obsessed with making deadly characters with painful backstories. I don’t get it.
I can see

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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments They're awesome

I approve

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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments She is a bit dark, but I'm fine with having characters with super-traumatic backstories as long as there aren't a lot. Keep in mind for your next character, though, that we do need some with just "hey, they existed and are happyish and now they're at school".

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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments You know, this school was very different when I was a student.

Name: Kauri Australis
Age: 16 when she died, actually about 178 years
Birthday: July 27th, 1840
Gender: Female
Orientation: Ace/Aro

En garde!

Species: Full Dryad
Plant: Kauri Tree
Plant (scientific name): Agathis australis
Position: Ghost

I'm not sure what's happening but I'm going to do my best to help

Personality: Kauri is bold and reckless, and a bit of a show-off. She's goofy and fun-loving, and loves to be in the spotlight. She's a surprisingly good swordsman, and will randomly walk up to students and challenge them to a swordfight. She's impulsive and honestly kind of an idiot. Very extreme dumb jock energy. Despite being a Victorian ghost, she’s actually pretty caught up on things, and she can and will reference vines constantly.

This b*tch empty- YEET

History: Kauri was born in a dryad family during the Victorian era, growing up in a small forest north of the Academy. She started attending the school when she was twelve, and was sorted into Dandelion house. She always excelled in Combat classes, especially with a rapier. When she was 16, a group of normal humans found the school and attacked it, and Kauri was one of the main defenders. She took down five men with her sword before getting stabbed in the chest and killed. She’s been staying here as a ghost ever since.

That’s a horrible idea, I’m in


Face Claim: Bailee Madison
Dress Style: (view spoiler)

I wasn’t scared to die because I was scared to leave, it was more like I just knew whatever way I went would hurt like heck.

Likes: Animals, people, swordfighting, being in the spotlight, warmth
Dislikes: The dark, cold, quiet, being alone
Strengths: Swordfighting, bold
Weaknesses: Reckless, impulsive, kind of an idiot


Special Items: Her rapier, which she’s had since she was thirteen
(view spoiler)
Skills: Swordfighting, charisma
Other: Yee

Listen, people are delicate. A dedicated duck could kill someone.

Recess - Melanie Martinez
Dance Monkey - Tones and I
ilomilo - Billie Eilish
Crush Culture - Conan Gray
Boss B - Doja Cat

Ooh, somebody’s in loveeeeeeee

Author's Note: She is my child and she will kill you

Reading could also be considered staring at a dead tree for hours and hallucinating.

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dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) | 330 comments I'm just gonna approved her myself because she is needed somewhere

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