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message 1: by SlowRain (new)

SlowRain | 22 comments The series Legends of the Condor Heroes in the English translation ( will have 4 books when it is finished early next year: A Hero Born, A Bond Undone, A Snake Lies Waiting, and A Heart Divided. It was correct earlier this year, but someone has added books 4, 5, & 6 in other languages. Those should be in their own series in their own respective languages, not mixed in with the English translation.

Also, there are two separate editions for book 2, A Bond Undone:

The information for this one is correct, except it is missing Gigi Chang as the translator:

This one just seems weird:

There are two separate editions for book 3, A Snake Lies Waiting. They should be combined:

This one was published first:

This one has the label "The Definitive Edition", but that just seems to be marketing from the US publisher:

Also, there are two separate editions for book 4, A Heart Divided. They should be combined as follows:

The information in this one is correct, and it will be released first:

The information in this one lists Gigi Chang and Shelly Bryant as "contributors". They are, in fact, the translators:

If there are any uncertainties about the above information, you can verify it on the publishers' respective websites:

UK (the original publisher of the English translation):


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23234 comments GR combines different language editions of the same work. Different languages only get a different series if they publish the work in different combinations. f.e. French editions sometimes split a book into 2 parts.

Book #2 one is the hardcover edition & the other is the ebook, confirmed on publisher site. Added the cover.

Book #3 combined.

Book #4 combined & corrected.

message 3: by SlowRain (last edited Sep 13, 2020 09:43AM) (new)

SlowRain | 22 comments Thanks for what you have done. It cleans it up a lot. However, two things:

1. Book 4 uses the term "translation" for the translators. I think the term "translator" is what gets used elsewhere.

2. If you follow this link ( to the English series of Legends of the Condor Heroes, it is extremely confusing and messy. I understand your comment above, but just imagine you are an English reader researching this series to buy & read. You don't know anything about how many books are actually in the series, nor do you know anything about Goodreads' policy on books in a series. You just want to know how many books there are in English and what the titles are so you can order/pre-order them. I know there are only 4 books and that the titles are A Hero Born, A Bond Undone, A Snake Lies Waiting, and A Heart Divided (forthcoming). Will people be able to figure that out by following the link above? Is there any way to make the series link reflect the correct information in an easy to understand manner so that the reader knows what to buy/read?


message 4: by SlowRain (last edited Sep 13, 2020 09:41AM) (new)

SlowRain | 22 comments Oops. #1 above should say book 2, not book 4.

But there is a problem with book 4. The link has a book description in Chinese. Legends of the Condor Heroes is the English name. Chinese readers won't even know what that is. The Chinese name for the series is 射鵰英雄傳.

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23234 comments The book you linked to re the translators - says translators.

If there is one saying translation please link it & I'll fix it in the morning. It's approaching 3am here & I'm logging off.

Re the series: It isn't confusing at all. Probably at least half the series listed on GR with foreign editions have the same issues.

Unless the author has made a default edition, the edition with the most shelvings becomes the default. People know that the foreign language editions are combined so it isn't a problem.

People who read will always find the edition they are looking for.

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