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Barry (barrypz) | 3072 comments Chapter 41
Jesse talks to the orphanage Paul came from. Left in a Dumpster, not adopted till he was 14. As he leaves, he gets a call that another “floater” has been found.

Chapter 42
In the water 1-2 days, it is one of the teens from the rape case. They question if he was thrown from a bridge, or jumped.

Chapter 43
Jesse confronts Bryce Cain with his use of more information about Paul than he should have had. Bryce denies any foreknowledge. He also refuses to talk anymore.

Chapter 44
The police warn the other teenager from the rape that he could be in danger. None of the kids did time for the crime, but Molly starts to realize they did get punished.

Chapter 45
The police decide to talk to the girl who was raped. She is less than upset that things have not gone well for her rapists. Jesse bonds with Vinnie (this is closer to the “just guys” way Parker might have handled it, as opposed to the deal with the devil that Coleman would have presented it as). The girl, Candace, has grown to a strong woman who can take care of herself. She thanks Jesse for looking out for her in the past.

Chapter 46
A Sunny and Jesse moment. Living the moment, since the future could be very different.

Chapter 47
The nurse from the Cain’s shows up to talk to Jesse. She said Bryce was a bad man, and fought with his father about money. The wife fought with him too.

Chapter 48
Jesse gets a ‘hit’ in that a Fla bartender sends him a screenshot of Paul’s credit card receipt. Jesse orders a credit history. Then off to an AA meeting.

Chapter 49
Jesse is back talking to Lily Cain, looking for reasons ‘why’ and coming up short.

Chapter 50
Candace is missing.

Chapter 51
The police decide they need to talk to more people related to the rape.

Chapter 52
Jess goes to see the boy who decided not to rape Candace. Jerry Brock tells Jesse that Kevin lied, he was not married, and had a beard.

Chapter 53
Beards can be shaved, and the attempted rape of Annie was a guy with a beard. Jesse wants Sunny to break into Kevin’s house.

Chapter 54
Jesse finds a credit slip in Kevin’s office. He wonders if VT was real, even if the wife was a lie. He decides to pursue it.

Chapter 55
Jesse talks to Dix, his shrink, tells him he is pretty convinced his perp is Kevin.

Chapter 56
Suitcase finds a link to Danby VT. Jesse has the local police case the place, but looks unoccupied. Jesse heads that way, and gets a call from another cop that a body was found, might be Bo, the lead rapist.

Chapter 57
Molly calls Jesse, pissed that he is doing VT alone. He reaches Kevin;s cabin, and it appears occupied. As he crouches next to it, he feels a gun at his neck. Held by Bo.

Chapter 58
Bo takes his gun and phone, tells him to cuff himself. Bo says Candace is inside, and Kevin was in his van, to be the fall guy for when he kills them all.

Chapter 59
Bo tells Jesse he is in it for revenge. Bo goes to shoot Candace, and Jesse, still bound to the chair, charges him, chair and all. Candace has freed a hand. Jesse bites Bo’s gun hand making him drop the gun. Bo remembers that he has Jesse’s gun and raises it. Then Candace empties Bo’s gun, the whole magazine, into him.

Chapter 60
Jesse tells the story to the others, how Bo had grabbed Kevin, then saw Candace and grabbed her too, then headed to VT. Vinnie was not needed anymore and left. Sunny makes to leave, but Jesse says he wants her around. She needs to leave though.

Chapter 61
Jesse is back on the Paul Hutton case. Talking to Bryce, Jesse mentions that somebody fitting his description was seen running from the scene. Jesse got nowhere, but a text from Suitcase said “got something”

Chapter 62
Suitcase found that Paul Hutton had done a DNA test.

Chapter 63
Jesse has lunch with his son, says he hopes to get info from the DNA site.

Chapter 64
Jesse negotiates with the DNA place. Their protocols say not to give him the info. But he made a convincing case.

Chapter 65
Jesse gets a call, there is a match on the DNA, but with Samantha, Bryce’s daughter.

Chapter 66
Further explanation was that Paul was likely an uncle to Samantha. Jesse orders Bryce to the station.

Chapter 67
Jesse was thinking it was the mother who left the baby. Jesse tells Bryce he will be speaking with her. But it was Bryce on the credit card with the DNA place. Bryce says the kid knew his card number though. Bryce leaves, and Jesse is not quite there yet.

Chapter 68
Lilly comes to visit Jesse in his condo. She says she could not have been Paul’ s mother. She said she took over the DNA account from her daughter to protect them. Lilly said she shared this with her husband too. She assumed he had taken care of the issue, but was holding the information tight. Jesse says she is full of hsit, and that she was the mother and killed Paul Hutton.

Chapter 69
Lilly Cain had also done a DNA test. Jesse had gotten the info from the DNA site. Lilly assumed it was all confidential. He tries to bait her into a confession, but fails. Later that evening Lilly is found shot with a gun belonging to her deceased husband.

Chapter 70
The family said she was distraught at the death of her husband. Jesse knew it was what he said to her.
Jesse calls Sunny, but her ex was back in town.

Chapter 71
Jesse show’s up at Bryce’s with a search warrant. He tells Bryce he has the goods to show that he killed his mother, and Paul. Bryce believes there is not enough to convict him, but Jesse reminds him that even charging him might cost him control of his empire.

Chapter 72
Bedroom talk with Sunny. Jesse knows he does not have enough to convict on Bryce, but he does have enough to be sure it was him.

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14700 comments Barry: My first reaction to this last segment - finally some action. I felt like Jesse was talking to himself disproportionately more than doing in the first half of the book. Of course a positive offset was Molly. Molly, solo, not just a sassy, smart foil to Jesse. Molly and Sunny as Thelma and Louise clicked with me too.
The investigation into the original case heats up right after the revenge suspect targeting Jesse, Molly, and Suitcase is identified; the red herrings to possibly connect the cases and add to the suspect pool was effective.

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