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message 1: by Lavi (new)

Lavi (thelavinator) | 5 comments Why is it sooo expensive on Amazon and hard to find anywhere else for a book published in the 60s!
Anyone know any better websites to find it or maybe a second hand listing? I have no idea where to look honestly, sorry if this isn't the right place to post

message 2: by Lakhi (new)

Lakhi Kripalani (lakhi1410) | 7 comments This is the right place and I am sure someone would reply soon!

message 4: by Lavi (new)

Lavi (thelavinator) | 5 comments Seems like the only ones not out of stock are the sequels, but thank you anyway!

message 5: by Utkrisht (new)

Utkrisht | 3 comments You can find new copies on BooksWagon and BookDepository for relatively cheaper prices:

I’m not sure about where to get second hand copies.

And regarding the price of an “old” novel being high, there’s no reason for the price of a quality novel to depreciate over time, considering that the writing, which was masterful to begin with, cannot possibly become worse than when it was first published.

message 6: by Lavi (new)

Lavi (thelavinator) | 5 comments Awesome, thanks for the links!

and no shade to Dune at all!
I just expected it to be more easily accessible and less expensive, because books that have been around for so long, especially one as popular as this usually tend to be

message 7: by Utkrisht (new)

Utkrisht | 3 comments No shade taken. Dune is not just a novel, it’s a saga and you’ll find it to be a rewarding read if you’re looking for an immersive world of its own. A good choice.

And I understand about the availability. Sci-Fi still happens to be a niche in India. If you’re really into Science Fiction, you can also try out Vermillion Sands and Moderan. Ray Bradbury also has some great books which you might find for much lesser (such as Fahrenheit 451).

But I’m guessing that the interest in Dune is sparked by the upcoming movie. Happy book hunting to you!

message 8: by Lavi (new)

Lavi (thelavinator) | 5 comments Thanks for the recommendations!!

Yeah, it's on my radar because of the movie for sure
I don't read much SciFi usually but I'd like to. I'm more into fantasy, the kind with maps and loads of world building, so Dune seemed like a good place to start and I've heard nothing but great things so I'm really excited for my copy to arrive :D

message 9: by Utkrisht (new)

Utkrisht | 3 comments In that case you’ll find Sci-Fi to be disappointing. The Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov might be the only other comparable saga but then again, I’ve only read an excerpt.

Barring a few exceptions, most Sci-Fi books and sequels are notorious for devolving into the kind of B-movie you’d yawn at from the cheap seats. Stick to the Tolkien and the Martin’s.

And welcome.

message 10: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya | 2 comments I have a PDF version of Dune, can share it by email if you haven't managed to get your hands on it yet. let me know.

message 11: by Lavi (new)

Lavi (thelavinator) | 5 comments Yeah I've finally managed to get myself a copy but thanks for offering! :)

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