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Review Request > ARC for a review: Kite Runner meets Cloud Atlas

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message 1: by Noel (new)

Noel Silvia | 3 comments I'm getting set to release my first novel in a week or so and would love to get some reviews up within the next month.
The elevator pitch would be "The Kite Runner meets Cloud Atlas".
I seem to be in a minority as I'm NOT a romance, YA, or fantasy writer, but if you like sad books with happy(-ish) messages, I'd love to trade a copy for a review.

Here's a link to the Amazon page for it:

PM me to arrange sending you a digital copy.
Thanks and happy reading to all the reviewers out there!

message 2: by E.B. (new)

E.B. Roshan | 23 comments Unfortunately I don’t know how to use the PM feature on Goodreads, so I hope you see this. Your book sounds good and I’d like to give it a review. Could you send me an ePub file to btznvntATgmailDOTcom?

message 3: by Noel (new)

Noel Silvia | 3 comments Thank you for your interest! I have emailed you several different file format versions for you. Unfortunately, the epub version seemed to wipe all of my layouts, but hopefully it's still functional. Something new for me to research!

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