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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (stormvis07) | 6 comments Hi! I'm looking for a crituqe partner/swap for my series called To The Sins. It is set in a scifi/fantasy world, restricted magic, and definitely a good mix of urban fantasy. For the main world, where my character starts, The Sins is a game of redemption for criminals--an established "death penalty" but the candidate remains alive. I have about 80K completed of the second draft of the first book, and looking to match with someone and swap!

It contains LGBTQ characters, romance (enemies to lovers), POC, redemption arcs, mental illness overcomings, life lessons/themes, and a troubled, relentless villain.

Seven Levels. Seven Worlds. Seven Sins.

Here is the proper summary:

In a futuristic world, Violet has had enough of the ruthless gangs and unforgiving military rule in her country, Vecras. Having grown up in the dusty and scorching city of Calesal, Violet has done terrible things to keep her remaining family alive. After her brother was sent into Venari au Sins, The Hunt of Sins, a game of multi-dimension worlds cursed by one of the infamous seven deadly sins, Violet struggled for two years with abandonment, violence, and lust.

By searing fate, Violet is blood-sworn into the game. An exile. Because in over two-hundred years the Sins has been active, not one candidate has ever returned. With a future full of seven different worlds cursed by Sin, vicious criminals as her enemies, and the yearning commitment to reunite with her brother, Violet Sutton is in a skiv-ton of trouble.

I appreciate any interest! I am open to reading:
Fantasy, Sci Fi, Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Romance

Let me know :)

message 2: by David (new)

David Octavian (inziko) | 58 comments Hi Rachel - I'd love to try a swap with you! My dark fantasy novel is complete and is sitting at 152k words but I'm willing to swap an amount of words equal to the length of your story, if you wish. ;)

Kindly see below info and let me know via PM/reply/email at if you're interested. Thanks. ;)

Genre: Dark Fantasy with Mystery and Horror elements.
Keywords: Atmospheric, Prophecy, Kingdom, Mysticism, Immersive, Dark

The seers and necromancers foretell a dark prophecy that shall leave the land consumed of life.
Caleb – a mercenary with a mysterious past – escapes from his tower prison and is tasked with retrieving a journal which is his world’s last hope for salvation and to stop the prophecy. There is a rift somewhere between the mortal world and the Volatile, and the seers are searching its location to seal it with the help of the journal, once found.
Meanwhile, an envoy of the court is seeking to prevent a grim war that will bring ruination to his kingdom…and not only.

I can provide feedback on characters (voice, consistency, personality), worldbuilding (setting, description, exposition), plot, writing style and flow of story.
A quick disclaimer: the story has some mature content. Nothing (too) triggering (hopefully). :)

Thanks in advance!

message 3: by P.N. (new)

P.N. Shafa (nataliashafa) | 7 comments Howdy Rachel :)

I'd be interested in doing a swap if you're still looking. I'm in search of my 2nd round of beta readers for what I believe to be a fairly polished dark sci-fi comedy.

A little info: In the near future, the ultra elite flee a climate ravaged Earth to the safe haven of a Martian colony, leaving the remainder of the population in apocalyptic chaos. The book follows the two societies, one which has run from its mistakes, and the other which must meet them head on.

Let me know if you'd be keen!


message 4: by John (new)

John Albert | 2 comments Hi Rachel,
If you are still looking for swap partners, I would like to swap. My Sci Fi manuscript is 65K.

Major O.D. Morrow, just released from four years in military prison, is sure of two things but only cares about one of them anymore: His children were kidnapped, his wife murdered by Dr. Shaw at the end of the war and the war really didn’t end. When Shaw is linked to a secret lab, O.D. sets out after him to determine if his children are there. As he gets closer to the answers he seeks, O.D. has to choose between revenge or saving others.

If you are interested in swapping, please let me know at

Thank you and good luck with your project.

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