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Susan | 28 comments So I will start this list out with a funny story. Every year, as soon as the next years topics are listed, I start a list of my planned books for the next ATY. I just grab a notebook and start my list. Then, my list "lives" next to my bed. At the end of 2019, I did just that. then, in July of this year, we got new carpet. Which meant packing up our bedrooms and moving everything out of them. When the carpet was done, I started putting everything back. BUT...I couldn't find my list, ANYWHERE! So, after a week of looking, I decided I had no choice but to look back through the books I had read already this year, try to remember where they fit in the list (because I don't always read in order), and recreate my list. I didn't put all of my planned books on my TBR. :'( So I did my best. Basically, I had a new list. Then last week, I misplaced my new list. GRRRRR.....Miraculously I FOUND my original list. I knew they weren't the same....but I figured WTH. Yesterday, I found the second list! so, I combined them and modified them. So NOW....I am posting this list, because if 2020 keeps going the way it is going.....I will lose the dumb thing again.

1. Beloved by Toni Morrison
2. The Alice Network -Quinn
3. Paper and Fire
4. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
5. Six Impossible Things-Wood
6. Skyhook
7. Euphoria by Lily King
8. The Martian-Weir
9. We Have Always Lived in the Castle-Jackson
10. The Signature of All Things-Gilbert
11. Cryptonomicon-Stephenson
12. Beautiful Darkness-Garcia & Stohl
13. Ask Again, Yes
14. A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf
15. The CLockmaker's Daughter
16. Sharp Objects-Flynn
17. A Woman, In Bed by Anne Finger
18. The Love Song by Rachel Joyce
19. Fairest
20. Blood Oath-Fairstein
21. The Sparrow-Russel
22. The Fireman by Joe Hill
23. Ash by Malinda Lo
24. Love's Labours Lost-Shakespeare
25. If I Stay-Foreman
26. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?
27. The Revenant
28. Life of Pi-Martel
29. Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams
30. When Breathe Becomes Air
31. See What I Have Done-Schmidt
32. Never Let Me Go
33. Room
34. The Five-Rubenhold
35. The 7 1/2 Death's of Evelyn Hardcastle
36. Blind River
37. The Boy in the Striped Pajama's
38. Olive Kitteridge
39. *author whose name you can't pronounce*
40. First to Die by James Patterson
41. *mystery*
42. Artificial Condition-Wells
43. On A Pale Horse
44. The Bone Witch
45. Ash & Quill
46. Oswald's Tale by Norman Mailer
47. Wizard of Oz
48. *published in 2020*
49. The Bear and The Nightingale
50. Dorothy Must Die
51. The Astonishing Color of After
52. Before I Fall-Oliver

message 2: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy | 714 comments Susan... this sounds like my
Glad you got all that good reading in!

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