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Fantasy Book Suggestions Requested
Sokufamily Sokufamily Sep 09, 2020 07:55PM
Hi everyone,

Am looking for some fantasy book suggestions. May be TL;DR but want to give an idea of some of the things I've read, and what my preferences are, to help with recommended suggestions. I'm specifically looking for suggestions of books that you absolutely LOVED...not just "this was a pretty good series." And I understand people have different preferences so not holding you to anything =)

Quick things: Love unique magic systems, typically don't like vampire books, DO like post-apocalyptic / zombie books (Max Brooks' World War Z was pretty brilliant), typically don't like books with dragons.

Favorite Authors/series:

- Brandon Sanderson: Specifically, love his magic systems and his Laws of Magic (https://coppermind.net/wiki/Sanderson...). Have read most of his books. Elantris and the Lightbringer series are probably my favorites of his.

- Will Wight: 5* for his Traveler's Gate Trilogy and the ongoing Cradle series. Easy reads and the pace is almost too fast but never boring. Really like the magic systems which feel really unique. The Elder Empire was okay.

- Joe Abercrombie: Have read most of his stuff. Love the gritty / dark stuff and Logen is a great character, but sort of need breaks (breathers) in-between books.

- Steven Erikson: As a whole, The Malazan series may be my favorite just due to the highs (though some of that series can be a bit of a slog). Haven't read outside that series yet, or Ian Esslemont's stuff, but will probably get to it sometime.

- Scott Lynch: I hope he starts writing more. Locke Lamora is awesome.

- Patrick Rothfuss: Yep, waiting for book 3 like everyone else. Book 1 was amazing, book 2 was okay but riding on book 1's coattails a bit, so not sure what to expect from #3.

- Anthony Ryan: Loved Blood Song, the 2 others in the trilogy were good, just read through the Raven's Blade duology, and am currently on book 2 of Draconis Memoria, which seems good but not great.

- Brent Weeks: Absolutely loved the Night Angel and Lightbringer series.

- Quick mentions of other series I've read:
- Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (loved the first 5 or so, started slogging a bit through the rest)
- Tolkien's LOTR of course (too black and white/simple for me these days)
- EE Knight's
- Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series (was a fun read)
- Some of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series (these were ok)
- The older books in Terry Brooks' Shannara series (these were also ok)
- Jim Butcher's Dresden and Codex Alera series (loved Dresden as a fun read, Codex Alera was ok)
- Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy (liked this quite a bit)
- Peter Clines' Ex-Heroes series (fun read)
- Glen Cook's Black Company series (that ending still kills me)
- Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher books (they were okay, but only because I played the games)
- Some of Robin Hobb's Farseer/Fool's books (solid series but sort of lost interest)
- Orson Scott Card's Ender's Quintet and Shadow series (loved the first book, interesting how the others all branched off in different ways)
- NK Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy (liked this quite a bit)
- LE Modesitt's Recluce stuff (stopped reading after book 4 or 5 lol)
- Stephen King books (variety of horror and the Dark Tower series, enjoyed Dark Tower quite a bit)
- Dean Koontz' Odd Thomas books
- Some of the Dune series
- Brian McClellan's Powder Mage books (solid reads, maybe should have included him in the favorites section above)
- Garth Nix' Abhorson (Old Kingdom) trilogy
- I've apparently read the Meratis and Cadis trilogies from Krista Walsh but I honestly don't remember them, haha
- Jeff Wheeler's Muirwood series

Looks like you're into High Fantasy....
I would suggest the Pellinor Chronicles by Alison Croggon, and anything by Patricia McKillip, who is really creative and great at descriptions and fascinating concepts (not series though, just standalones.) My favorite of hers is "The Forgotten Beasts of Eld." I'd also through in "Chalice" by Robin McKinley.

Thanks for the feedback, Eskana! Yeah, I definitely enjoy high/epic fantasy. I'll check out Allison Croggon to start.

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