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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello! I'm interested in beta reading your book for free. I'm new to reaching out to this community looking for opportunities. I primarily enjoy scifi, fantasy, thriller, suspense, and historical fiction. I look forward to working with you!


message 2: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia Abboud (anastasiaabboud) Hi, Kellie,

I would loooove for you to read my book Tremors. I published it earlier this year and it has a few really nice, organic reviews, but not enough. In the meantime, I am 2/3 finished with the first draft of the sequel, All Shook Up. Would you consider reading and reviewing a free copy of Tremors? If you like it, then perhaps you might beta read All Shook Up?

Tremors is a time travel story with a lot of painstakingly researched history woven throughout.

Here are some links:


Anastasia Abboud

My website:

And Amazon:

Thanks for your time.

All the best,
Anastasia Abboud

message 3: by Monique (new)

Monique Diane | 7 comments Kellie wrote: "Hello! I'm interested in beta reading your book for free. I'm new to reaching out to this community looking for opportunities. I primarily enjoy scifi, fantasy, thriller, suspense, and historical f..."

Hi Kellie I have a novel that is a little over 44,000 words . I classify the genre a s women's fiction. Would you be interested? Thanks

message 4: by Nemo (new)

Nemo Lockeheart | 4 comments Hi Kellie,
I have a science fantasy/surrealism (NA/Adult) novel around 166k words.

Here is my blurb:

July Dubois was left near the forest with her umbilical cord attached. The police never found out who her parents were. By the time she was six, July began seeing surreal visions. They felt so real that she was almost consumed by madness. Doctors diagnosed her with schizophrenia but July knew it was something more, something inhuman that lurked beneath her skin and deep in her bones. She struggled with life for the next fourteen years, until one day she met someone that would help her unveil her origin.
Leo Deymoux ran away when he was only eight years old in order to protect his family. With his cursed power and cunning mind, he soon became one of the most wanted criminals across one hundred and sixty-five timelines. As much as he loves his criminal life, Leo yearned for a day when he could reunite with his family. So when the opportunity arose, Leo must cross not only his gang but also Klarathopet, the most dangerous woman alive to achieve his goal.

If you are interested, please reach out to me. Thank you :)

message 5: by Shalu (last edited Sep 09, 2020 07:54AM) (new)

Shalu Gupta | 37 comments Hi,

I am a ghostwriter and editor. I am writing one fantasy and memoir for two clients as of now. Although, books are almost completes, I am looking for someone to read and share their thoughts. I prefer a brutally honest reader.

Book 1- fantasy, multi universe, word count- 5K
Book 2- Memoir, life of a army officer. 3K

I have got the permission from the authors. Let me know if you are interested to read.

message 6: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Weingartner | 20 comments Hi Kellie,

I am seeking a beta reader for my 58,000 word contemporary, character-driven debut novel, Rescued. Paul has reached that great phase of life called middle age where it seems like he’s giving a lot and not getting enough back. In his marriage, his relationship with his two young daughters, and in his job he is disgruntled and making sure everyone knows. His only solace is at the bar with his friends who are too old to be going to the bar every night and in his car rides.

Paul finds out about someone who rescued him as a baby. Maybe this is the gap in his life that could lead to much sought after contentment. He embarks on a journey to meet this mysterious man, but instead wakes up in a prison in Sarajevo, with no reasonable chance of escape. Tortured and starved, Paul sees life differently than he once did. But will he survive to live out his new convictions? Will he ever meet the man who rescued him?

Rescued is a heart-warming illustration of the importance of humility and gratitude for personal change. Think of a modern-day Scrooge.

Email me at if you're interested. Thanks!

message 7: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 168 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (96k words). I would describe this as a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!
Thank you!

Five Kingdoms and five species are on the brink of war in the land of Corrail: a territory with nothing to offer but violence and hate. When the Monstro King issues an ultimatum for the other Kingdoms to either join him or go to war, those traits intensify and the possibility of war becomes a reality. 

Trying to stop the Kingdoms from wiping out one another is Raven, a badly burned Mundus who wants nothing more than for the Mundus King to perish, her being one of his victims from his cowardice ruling. Helping her is an anxiety-ridden Shifter named Colt and Richard, an overly strict Farian.

The three different species have a simple plan: destroy the Monstro villages - a Kingdom known for its terrifying nights, brutal King, and horrific subjects - and work their way across the map until a new Mundus Ruler is crowned and the threat of war is gone. However, their plot is halted when Death derails their path and causes them to go into the Mundus Kingdom, not liking them destroying his favorite of the Kingdoms. The trio changes tactics but keeps their initial goal at the forefront: revenge and peace.  

Please PM me :)

message 8: by P.N. (new)

P.N. Shafa (nataliashafa) | 7 comments Hi Kellie!

I don't know if you're still taking readers, but I'm in search of my 2nd round of beta readers for what I believe to be a fairly polished dark sci-fi comedy. In the near future, the ultra elite flee a climate ravaged Earth to the safe haven of a Martian colony, leaving the remainder of the population in apocalyptic chaos. The book follows the two societies, one which has run from its mistakes, and the other which must meet them head on.

Let me know if you have any interest!



message 9: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey | 23 comments Hi Kellie,

I have an 80k word sci-fi novel with a neurodiversity theme. The pitch:

Alexander didn't mind that he never made friends at his elementary school. People didn't make sense to him, and he preferred to pursue his own interests by himself. He is happy to leave it all behind when he is invited to take part in a medical study on a commercial space station where he meets other odd children like himself. With this group of quirky misfits he finds himself at the center of more attention than he ever wanted, but discovers more about himself and the value of human connections than he ever imagined.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you!

message 10: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Nicholas | 2 comments Hi Kellie!

I just finished a book I'd describe as women's fiction. It's about a female bartender in her early twenties and a situation she goes through. I'm looking for any kind of honest feedback you'd want to provide :) Let me know if you'd like to read it!

message 11: by Robert (new)

Robert Plowman | 17 comments Hi Kellie,
Thank you for your offer to beta. I'm glad to see you like Joe Abercrombie; that means you might like mine. I'll PM you with the details.

message 12: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Kull | 4 comments Hello Kellie!
I have a finished YA fantasy manuscript that I’d like to find a Beta reader for, the title and description is as follows:
Tree of Life

Through mysterious circumstances, Damaris found her way from Earth to the parallel universe of Nibiru. After partnering up with Aiden to survive the harsh reality of that world, she appears to lose the memories of her life on Earth and gets stuck doing mercenary work. After a mission gone awry, her and Aiden get kidnapped by the Gods of Nibiru and separated. In the captivity of a God who calls himself Vito, Damaris begins to regain her memories in bits and pieces and has the opportunity to meet other Gods and their servants. Between her attempts to escape and reunite with her partner, Damaris watches as the threat of a divine war looms above her. Who is Vito? Why does he know about her life on Earth? How will she cope with the resurfacing memories of her past? Why does Aiden seem to know the Gods intimately? And which side will Damaris pick in the war that threatens to engulf her?

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