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Just to chat > Magic or Madness trilogy can't be found anywhere?

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message 1: by Jessika (new)

Jessika | 8 comments I read the first two books in like 2011. I've been trying to find them again for a while so I can reread and then start the third. It's not in any of my local libraries physical or ebook. I found it in the Amazon and Kindle stores (all three books), but they all seem to be in a perpetual state of "This title is not currently available for purchase". I clicked on the author (Justine Larbalestier) and ALL of her books are like that. Why would that be happening? I'm so confused.

message 2: by Blue (new)

Blue | 834 comments Where are you trying to purchase them? They show up okay on Amazon when I checked.

message 3: by Jessika (new)

Jessika | 8 comments It shows up on Amazon, but says it is unavailable to purchase. It's been this way for over a year. I keep checking and hoping it will change.

message 4: by Jessika (new)

Jessika | 8 comments Holy crap I've been checking it from where I have it on my list which is the Kindle version. I just went to Amazon instead of Kindle and clicked on the author and there it is on paperback. I feel so dumb. Idk why your comment made me want to check it in a different way, but thank you haha.

message 5: by Blue (new)

Blue | 834 comments Maybe the rights for Kindle have ended for right now, that sometimes happens with books when they edit them or want to release a new edition.

Glad me saying I could see it made you think "Maybe I should try paperback" so that you could find the books =)

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