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vendors line the streets on the weekdays, children run unsupervised along the canal terrorizing the geese. a community gathering place, church street breathes life into the burrows.

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Fuck, it hurt!

A throbbing ache spread through his skull, pounding unceremoniously across his temple as he stumbled away from the Blind Beggar. Too much had happened in the span of an hour and even if Klaus hadn't been hit on every side of his head numerous times tonight, he'd probably still be suffering from a raging headache. A sleek bottle of whiskey still remained tucked under his arm, fortunately kept safe even in his exit from the pub and now he sipped at it every so often gratefully. Each and every sip tingled through his entire body, making the hammering aches shifting across his muscles and his bones and all of his joints ache a little bit less.

The cobblestone pathways of the street continued to catch at the toe cap of his shoes, leaving the boy cursing profusely under his breath. Each time he tripped - which unfortunately had been a bit too many times in only several minutes - the round rim of his bottle of whiskey would smack jarringly against his top front teeth, making them throb uneasily from the force. Frustrated, Klaus dug his heels into the ground, staring at his feet accusingly. Pressing one shoe against the other in efforts to push them off, Klaus was about to do so, stripping of his shoes, but then he caught sight of the bumpy, dirty road ahead. Church Street was just a block down from where he was standing, but even then, his own home was still a fair distance from there. Grumbling to himself, Klaus kept his shoes on.

Scratching at the back of his head, Klaus stared at the buildings he trudged by. Some cafes - all of which were closed this late at night. Down the road, there were still some men gathered every now and then, chatting with others. He even saw some children, though they were all only boys, hanging near their fathers and their grandfathers who were sharing drinks and cigars. When he looked past them, Klaus caught sight of lights inside. One particular house's curtains were just open enough to reveal several women gathered together at a table, talking and laughing animatedly with one another.

He stared at them for a minute longer, eyes narrowing. Was there something he was forgetting? Did he leave something back at the Blind Beggar? Unhinged, Klaus began to pat down his pockets, searching for any hint as to what it was that passed his mind, but everything was exactly where it was supposed to be. And then he caught sight of a lonely and empty fruit cart outside one of the building. Klaus stood in front of it, deep in thought as he looked at it and then at the building in front of it. That was when he remembered -

Shit. Fuck! Yetta.

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He was supposed to watch Yetta today.

Klaus paused in place, absently staring at his feet as it all started to set in. What was Yetta doing anyway? Memories from earlier in the day were still a bit foggy, blurred by the happy accident of liquor and a dozen fists to the face. The two of them had left the rest of the Wembleys in the afternoon because he'd wanted to meet with some others at the Blind Beggar during the evening and she'd wanted to - what had she wanted to do? Something close by, probably. That was the only reason why they'd be together in the first place. Otherwise, she'd have gone with someone else - yes, yes of course that was why she'd been with him in the first place. She needed something from - from -

Pale blue eyes twisted from his shoes caked in bar tar - a lovely concoction made from mixing dust, dirt, and an obscene amount of alcohol - to the building in front of him. Usually during the day, this side of Church Street was flush with vendors and their carts, selling fruits and vegetables and other housewares to the surrounding neighborhoods. They'd come through Church Street, hadn't they? She wanted to get - she probably wanted to get something from here. What was she always doing at home anyway? Though Klaus tried to come up with the possibilities, he quickly found out that he had absolutely no idea. He didn't know what she did at home - in fact, he didn't really know a single thing about her!

Well, if she had been here earlier when he'd left her, then she must have gone home by now already, right? It'd be senseless to stay around here by herself until this late at night with no one else around to keep her safe. Church Street was full of several homes to families and couples, but that didn't mean that the street was safe from the normal riffraff that'd come through at late hours of the night. Yetta was smarter than that, right? She probably had gone home hours ago already.

Still, Klaus hesitated. Then, his attention returned to the men smoking cigars across the street. "Hey - fellas!" he called out, slowly trudging across the street towards them, "You see a girl out here on her own? Short, skinny, blonde? Doesn't really speak?" If anything, Klaus knew about as much information about his adopted sister as these men likely did.

"Nicholas, didn't you see someone earlier?" One man nudged his friend with his elbow.

The other man shrugged his shoulders, voice muffled behind the fat cigar between his lips, "Some lads were trying to bother some girl down the street. She was just sitting there on the ground."

"Down the street, you say?" Klaus repeated after him, furrowing his brows as he looked over his shoulder in the direction that the man directed him towards.

The possibility that it might be Yetta was slim, but there was no harm in checking it out. She'd probably already gone home and he was just wasting time wandering the street looking for her instead of being home, resting in a warm, bubbling bath while his mother prepared him a late night dinner. Stupid girl... why'd he get stuck with her today? And with how everyone was always hovering over her, wouldn't they think she wasn't safe with him? Klaus huffed irritably to himself, raising his bottle to his lips again only to find it empty.

It was just another provocation on top of another. He tossed the bottle in a nearby trash, hearing the glass bang against metal. But, he paid it no mind, already slipping a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it as he stalked down the street.

"Yetta!" Klaus shouted, "You here?"

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Church Street was empty.

It was futile trying to search for Yetta like this. If anything, all he was doing was disturbing all the families tucked away in their bedrooms, hoping to get some uninterrupted sleep before having to wake up in the early hours of the morning for another hard day on the job. His voice even when he lowered it as much as he could still echoed alongside the corners of the buildings that surround him. As he heard his own voice parroting around the vicinity, Klaus squirmed, doggedly twisting his gaze towards any remote sign of movement his swollen eye could catch onto. However, at this time of night and with minimal lighting of nearby apartments, Klaus struggled even more, confusing even a garbage tin for a person due to the shadows that surrounded it.

Then, he heard his name. A hopeful, feminine voice calling out his name. Klaus turned over his shoulder, catching sight of short figure bounding down the cobblestone street towards him. A bag of items were clutched against her chest as she approached him with more concern etched into her features than he'd ever seen directed at him. Klaus stared down at his adopted sister with furrowed brows, taking in the state of things. Her words slipped past his ears without much regard, but it was when she reached her hand towards him that the Wembley boy physically shifted away from her, a frown defining his lips.

A bark urged to come out, some angry retort for her actions and the inconvenience she put him through by having to take care of her when she should have just stayed at home or gone with anyone else but him to do whatever errands she wanted. But, it didn't. Instead, it nestled deep in his throat as she turned away, hurried to return home. "Where were you?" he announced instead, voice slightly more husky as he trailed after her, watching soft strands of blonde bounce across her back from underneath her wide hat with her every step she took.

His hands drifted into his pockets now as he walked behind her, letting her lead the way back to their residence without giving direction. It appeared that she knew the way - so why didn't she return on her own? What kind of person waited this many hours for another especially when they were so obviously late? If Klaus hadn't asked around and actually tried searching for her, following his initial instinct to just abandon Church Street and return home, then it was likely that Yetta would have still been here all on her own. Really - how stupid was she?

"Why did you wait?" Klaus narrowed his stare, refusing to take his eyes off her now that he'd found her.

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He didn't talk to her. Not really. The two of them didn't have much communication even if they both were living in the same house. How long had she even been with them? He couldn't remember. It hadn't been too long ago, but he hadn't been around at the house long enough to try to get to know her very well. If anything, he amplified on his tendencies to stay out of the house more, embarking on day trips and finding bed in other places around London, passing out in bars, and drinking and fucking wherever he pleased. It was better than staying at home in an environment that'd changed so much since she had arrived.

She wasn't terrible, he supposed. He didn't care to get to know her though. He didn't want to. There wasn't a point to get to know her because it was likely that in the next few years, she'd probably be married off to some poor lad anyway and he wouldn't have to ever interact with her again. Or, at least, that was what he'd thought. He thought that they wouldn't end up being in the same space longer than a few minutes. And even now, as they walked down the same path together back to their house, he didn't know what to say, didn't know what to do. For probably the first time in his life, he was at a loss for words, speaking less and less than the girl who didn't even properly know the language of English.

Klaus continued to watch her now, scrutinizing the way that she walked to the way that she carried herself. One could tell a lot about a person from the way that she moved. But, it was only when they furthered down the street did he sense a change. "What are you -" he scoffed, turning his head down his shoulder to look at her after he'd watched her take several steps back instead of continuing past the corner they needed to take to return to the house. It was when he looked back up that he caught sight of a group of boys, probably around his own age, making loud conversation and smoking cigarettes right outside another local pub in the area.

Like a spooked, scared animal, she receded, nearly backing into his arm because she wasn't paying attention. Klaus's gaze darted from her to the boys with growing interest, though he was fairly certain already what might be the reason for her skittish behavior. From what he'd seen of her, she hadn't been all that uneasy around his own brothers - but maybe they'd actually become like family to her. Strange men like these boys were different though. And he wondered...

"Did you see them earlier?"

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No touch, just see..

Klaus nodded his head, curiously watching the boys ahead of them that still hadn't noticed the Wembley boy and his adoptive sister walking down the cobblestone road. A lot had been done and said tonight to work against his use of the Wembley name at the Blind Beggar and he'd surely hear about it tomorrow once the rest of the family learned of the brawl that'd occurred, but that didn't mean that the Wembley name was ineffective. In fact, it was very swift in its use - just not when Klaus used it in particular. Others didn't take him all that much serious considering his mannerisms, but with boys like this group? Klaus liked his chances.

Much of his body was now feeling the ache of broken wood and glass and thrumming punches against his bruised skin. But, he ignored the reminder of the beating he'd taken by taking another slow drag of the cigarette still hanging from his lips. A soft cloud of smoke filtered into the air around him, barely visible in the dim lighting. The moon worked as their only source as most of the buildings on this street were largely turned off spare for a house or two. In the dark, the boys had still yet to see Klaus and Yetta ambling they way through.

"So, I hear you lads like going around scaring young girls."

They were cackling now, pushing each other's shoulders raucously in conversation, completely and utterly distracted by the alcohol within their bottles and the cigarettes at their lips. But, at the sound of his voice, loud and clear and now definitely noticeable now that they'd squinted at him walking down the street, they all stopped in their places, swiveling their necks in his direction. Their conversation fizzled into quiet speculation and scrutiny, watching him with furrowed brows as they tried to discern who he was and what on earth he'd accused them of.

And then the moon revealed him, shedding light across his features away from the shadows of the buildings that he walked nearby. And beside him - the young girl that they'd been bothering earlier in the day. They recognized him immediately though, hushing their whispers and swapping quick looks at one night. One boy pushed another towards Klaus, urging him to take lead in the conversation and gradually, the tallest one of the group stumbled, albeit a bit drunkenly, towards Klaus with Yetta hiding behind him.

"I think it'd be rather inconvenient for you all if the King's Cross were to here about any of this," Klaus drawled, blowing another cloud of smoke into the face of the other boy that'd approached him.

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It was a bad idea - even he knew that it was a bad idea.

The irritation pricked at the other boy's lip. There, standing in front of one another in a battle of dominance, the boys continued their stare down unceremoniously. The other boys that'd bothered Yetta earlier in the evening watched on with hawk eyes, tense and ready to spring into action if they were needed. But, even they'd heard what Klaus proclaimed - the King's Cross were notorious here and it'd be a mistake to trifle with them. While Klaus on his own didn't seem like very much a big threat to any of the others especially given that there were so many more of them, they still hesitated, resting on their haunches rather than rising forward to throw hands at him.

"You need your big brothers to help you, huh?" the boy rising in Klaus's face harrumphed, a snicker riding from his lips. There was mocking disbelief flush across his cheeks as he shook his head. Either he knew that Klaus was a Wembley and was stupid enough to start a fight or he simply didn't care if there might actually be repercussions for openly getting into a fight with him.

Sure, Klaus's own ego would sting for having to have his brothers avenge the possible outcomes of the night - but he'd already taken one beating tonight, certainly he could take another. Instead of backing down from the obvious taunt, Klaus leered, his lips spreading into a wide smirk, "No - no, I don't." And then a loud crack resonated throughout the street, shocking everyone in the vicinity in a hushed silence, watching on with utter surprise.

Klaus butted his head as hard as he could into the other boy's face.

An explosion of pain stretched across his face, particularly near his nose, but Klaus's adrenaline was pumping. Though his veins were twisting and unwinding with a rush of blood and his cheeks flushed red, he only felt more strength rising through his strained muscles and bruises knuckles. The boy he'd headbutt was now clutching his likely broken nose with grief, staring up at the starry sky as he gauged the pain he was feeling. Klaus simply cackled, a loud laugh slipping from his grinning lips as he spread his arms out to the other boys, inviting them to take a crack at him as well.

He didn't even pay one second of attention to the hand pulling at his shirt from behind.

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