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The Invention of Wings
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Krista (booksandjams) | 746 comments Mod
Sorry for the delay in getting this book discussion threads up! The Invention of Wings is divided into 6 parts, which makes separating it pretty easy. 2 parts for each thread. Happy reading!

What did you think of these first two parts? Did you have expectations going in? How do you like the writing style? Are you drawn into Hetty's or Sarah's perspective more? Why do you think that is? Has anything surprised you so far? Any other thoughts you want to share?

Krista (booksandjams) | 746 comments Mod
Whoa. I am not sure what I expected with this one, but I am loving it. I love both Hetty and Sarah's story. I have been sad, angry, cheered and so captivated by these young women.

I never really trusted Burke and turns out I was right. I love that Sarah is finding her voice again and hopefully she will continue in the vein that she ended in at the end of Part 2. Hetty is such an interesting character too. I loved the bath scene. Love that she didn't cower or feel shame. Good for her!

I really look forward to continuing this book!

message 3: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Kantor (kimkantor) | 92 comments I had a bit of a time getting into this book but now I’m really hating to put it down. I really enjoy both stories because they so mirror each other: both young women are finding their voices and standing up for themselves. I was surprised by that scoundrel Burke, but thankfully the family found out sooner rather than later. I’m really torn in how I feel about Charlotte. I cannot imagine going through the things all of the slaves had to go through, but I don’t think she was the best mother to Handful. Of course the way life was for slaves and not knowing if/when your family will be sold or traded awY...maybe it’s better to behold something back? I don’t know but it really saddens me.

Kristi (sweetheavenlygrace) It took a few pages before I was committed to reading it. I think because I now own the book rather than it be on loan from the library I was leaning more toward waiting before starting it, but I know I more than likely wouldn't have picked it up any time soon.

But anyhoo....I've enjoyed it so far. I've found myself shaking by head on a near constant basis because of how the slaves are being treated. Like, it makes me angry and if I could I would reach into the story and slap some sense into some of these "white folks".

I don't know if I'm leaning more toward one than the other, I feel more sympathy toward Handful than I do Sarah, but I can also see the struggle that Sarah is going through.

I'm almost to the last section...and really looking forward to finding out how this all ends.

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