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Jacqueline Lan (jacquelanx) | 4 comments Hey,
I've posted on here before, but I'm posting again now that I've finished my novel! I am looking for critique partners for my YA fantasy novel. I am willing to swap novels with a few chapters at a time back and forth, preferring detailed critiquing with final reviews at the end of each chapter. Usually I read fast (around one to three days for each swap) and would like a partner who is able to do that as well since I am entering a contest with a deadline on September 25.
As of right now, I need partners for sensitivity review and general review. I mainly read YA, but feel free to reach out with anything else. Around 10K or 20K swap each time.

A little about my novel--
-enemies to lovers romance
-fantasy quest
-a lot of action and family scenes
-estimated length of around 100,000 words
-draws inspiration from Children of Blood and Bone, Six of Crows, and the Hunger Games
-in first-person perspective
-medium to fast-paced

The last seas of blood have long been drained, but power hums solely at the hands of Panlong’s victors.
In an empire where the Imperial Court reigns over the sprawling skies and the impoverished remain close to ground, the consequence of victory or defeat is clear. Long City— Panlong’s bustling capital— knows this well, and it is at the heart of the city that the royalty overlooks every price paid from the last war. No one sees it better than Nixue Nangong. Being the outcast princess of the royal family gives her quite a bit of insight on the precise art of taking and giving, and she’s sure striking a bargain with the Imperial Court’s sworn foe is a good price to pay for an elixir ancient as Panlong itself. Though the Emperor happens to be her brother and her travel companion is a spy can’t wait to slit her throat, Nixue is determined to call this temporary bad luck. There is, after all, the promise of a place on the Imperial Court when she returns.
And so with unfamiliar mountains and rivers laid out before her, Nixue sets off while keeping a cautious eye on her only company for three weeks. A boy who’s determined to kill her just as she’s determined to use him. Who spews as many lies as assumptions. But as the real, much more brutal side of Panlong begins to unfold before Nixue, she finds herself doubting what she truly desires.
Slowly, survival becomes not just for Nixue, but for a world much larger than herself. Mountains with invisible bones and specters tower over her. Mentors and political opponents fight for her head. A secret ploy fiddles with the loyalty of those closest to her, threatening to claim everything she has. At the end of it all, she must weigh everything she sees against everything she thinks she knows to distinguish who truly is the enemy— or risk losing her country and her heart.

if you are interested, please dm me at

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Author56 | 94 comments I emailed you.

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