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September 2020: Psychological > Recursion by Blake Crouch 4*'s

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message 1: by MargieD2017 (new)

MargieD2017 | 263 comments Wow, this was an amazing walk in literary mastery! Stories involving time travel, warps or parallel existences can feel all too often contrived but in this case it is believable. I couldn't stop listening to the audio version of this book waiting for their hopeful success in stopping the FMS (false memory syndrone) from affecting people even to their death. A simple desire to want to save one's memories as an aid to assist patients with Alzheimer's disease explodes into attempts to stop this device (memory chair) from ever being created. In the wrong hands, the impact on the world is devastating.

I found myself pondering the impacts of time, the past, the present and the future on one's life and as was noted clearly we are defined by the past, creating the past in the now and wondering about the future realizing that it too will soon be the now and then the past. I think I would like to read this book and be able to stop and reflect more frequently than an audio book allows. It is not an easy contemplation since we harbor memories that, over time take on embellishments (not quite the way it was), speed along in our now activities of must do's (hoping that we are making happy memories) and plan for a future where finally the car is replaced, the house is fixed, the kids are grown, retirement is at hand. But then life interferes and alters our plans recording entries into our past that we would like to rewrite. So... what if we could? What if you could recall those memories through the use of the memory chair and take on a different life of past events leading into a new future? Would you?

message 2: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7782 comments I only skimmed your review because I started this last night and it seems like one of the rare books that I want ZERO spoilers for! Looking forward to experiencing it as it unfolds, but glad to see your 4 star rating!

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