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The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braids (Amra Thetys, #1)
Read-Along – Week 1 > A Murder Mystery To Be Solved – We liking where this plot is heading?

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Justine (its_justine) | 38 comments Mod
McClung wastes no time tossing you into an investigation to solve both a murder and a mystery involving an ancient (perhaps cursed?) relic. This one is pretty are you liking it so far?!

message 2: by Jason (last edited Sep 06, 2020 09:27PM) (new) - added it

Jason Aycock | 20 comments Mod
Loving it so far. Not just one mystery but two. And a revenge plot thrown in. A thief as the character to solve a mystery pairing like this is excellent.

I'm also liking that there isn't much wasted in the writing. Each scene is flowing into the next quickly and it doesn't feel like anything is wasted or that I'm being shortchanged.

Oh...I also find it interesting that EVERYONE so far seems to want to buy that statue from know to help her out. That statue has a weird pull.

Peyton | 15 comments Loving the murder mystery! The statue is especially intriguing, so I hope we find out more about it soon.

I like that the mystery is mixed with fantasy elements like mages and a potential curse. It definitely makes it more interesting!

message 4: by Peter (new)

Peter (goodreadscompeter_hutchinson) | 6 comments Really enjoying it so far (can you tell from my other posts?) McClung waste's no time with this and throws you right in to the story! The murder mystery is really good so far, I like the hints about magic and giving us clues about the magic system as well.

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natrosette | 6 comments I'm always down for a murder mystery, and though this one doesn't seem all that mysterious so far as who did the killing, it makes up for it with the creepy statue of unknown origins. So, yes, I'm looking forward to where this seems to be heading!

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