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K. K. Sep 05, 2020 09:23PM
hi everyone,

my dream job is to be an award winning, best-selling author someday. it probably won't happen, but i will still continue to read and support many books in my future--i will always be reading--without books, i feel nothing.

so, speaking of books that make us feel, one book i read this past spring was a book called, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." This story profoundly impacted me and i felt miserable after it ended-- i wanted the story to continue! This was one of those books where you feel like one of the neighbors or bystanders actually witnessing these events, and throughout the story i wanted to reach out to their family and Francie. I wanted to continue to read this book and continue watching (reading) their own lives unravel. I personally and profoundly longed to be there for when Francie married and had children of her own--I wanted to belong and experience the rest of the story--however, the book was merely 400-ish pages and this seems like a lot, but once I had immersed myself into their lives, hopes, and dreams... I couldn't help but want to be there for when they experienced their own hopes and dreams.

This story was unbelievably true, tragic, and lovely simultaneously. I loved it and it made me feel something. I cried twice while reading this book. And also, as I explained the synopsis and the background of the story, including the amazing, bittersweet, heartbreaking moment when Francie's father had a bouquet of flowers sent to her on her graduation day, my eyes got sweaty.

so my question is:

What are some other books that have made you cry? What are some of your favorite books that made you feel something?

Thank you,

I just finished a Tree Grows in Brooklyn and LOVED IT - I read Brooklyn back in December and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn reminded me a lot of it and highly recommend. (Plus Brooklyn has a great movie adaptation!) Brooklyn

Not as similar to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn but some of my favorite books that have made me super emotional are Little Women, Rilla of Ingleside (first book that ever made me cry), and The Blythes are Quoted

K. Wow--thank you, Claire. I added it to my to-read list and must read soon! Brooklyn sounds so good! I actually watched the movie but would like to read ...more
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