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message 1: by Frank (last edited Sep 04, 2020 01:18AM) (new)

Frank Prem (frankprem) | 150 comments This post is introducing my primary #WIP at present.

A Love Poetry Trilogy Walk Away Silver Heart, A Kiss for the Worthy, Rescue and Redemption- the last set of books I published took the famous work of 3 famous poets and utilised each line and phrase of the original poem as the inspiration for a new piece of work.

My new work uses a similar approach. 'A Magpie Sings' is drawing on the lines and phrasing of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land (The Waste Land and Other Poems ) to construct a contemporary narrative in free verse. I am expecting that it will encompass several small volumes when completed.

The background context is, of course, the 2020 pandemic of the Coronavirus.

To date, the work has progressed almost to the end of Part 1 of The Waste Land (The Burial Of The Dead), and I have taken a moment to record a YouTube reading of a handful of pieces from WIP for posting to my YouTube channel. I'd be delighted to field responses, should there be any. Find it here:



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Jazzy Lemon (jazzylemon) | 577 comments One for sorrow...

message 3: by Frank (new)

Frank Prem (frankprem) | 150 comments Thanks for stopping by Jazzy.

Yes, it is a difficult context to write in and about. The Waste Land came out in 1922 and was very much post WWII. War is where we're at, I think, so it suits.

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Frank Prem (frankprem) | 150 comments ***Update*** This poetry collection is nearly ready to go. The working title was replaced. It will be released as: 'A Koala In The Coalmine'.

Watch out for it!

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