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Melanie (watermelanie) | 112 comments September
First Day of Fall
-Read a book published in September, October, or November
-Her Fearful Symmetry (published in September 2009)
National Read a Book Day
-Read a book by a new-to-you author.
-Things You Would Know if You Grew Up Around Here
Fall or Autumn?
-Read a book whose title starts with a letter in FALL or AUTUMN
-Future Home of the Living God
September Birthday: Shel Silverstein
-Read a book written between 1930 and 1999
-Regeneration (published 1991)

Pumpkin Spice Everything
October Birthday: R.L. Stine
World Mental Health Day

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
November for Beginners
But it’s spring?
November Birthday: C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L'Engle
-Read a fantasy novel
-Crown Duel

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Melanie (watermelanie) | 112 comments For my first book of my fall challenge, I read Things You Would Know if You Grew Up Around Here for the "new-to-you" challenge under National Book Reading Day. I was drawn to this book by the title and the fact that it's set in central Texas. I don't come across many novels set in Texas so it was exciting for me to read one.

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Melanie (watermelanie) | 112 comments Two underwhelming books, Regeneration and Future Home of the Living God. I read Regeneration for the "published between 1930 and 1999" prompt and felt like it was kind of a slog to get through. It's a very well regarded book, so I'm pretty sure it's just me that missed something. Future Home for the Living God I read for the "letter starts in FALL or AUTUMN" prompt and I enjoyed reading that one more, but I thought that it failed to come together meaningfully, and felt especially rough in the last quarter or so. Hopefully my next reads are ones I like better!

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Melanie (watermelanie) | 112 comments Well, with Her Fearful Symmetry, that's a disappointing wrap up to September's prompts for me. Of all the the books I've read for the fall challenge so far, this has been the worst by a mile. Fingers crossed for the rest of the challenge to improve ;-;

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Melanie (watermelanie) | 112 comments I read Crown Duel for November's "read a fantasy novel" and to be honest, I wasn't terribly impressed. I like fantasy on the whole and had been looking forward to this particular book, but it was a serious letdown. Oh well. Lots of books to go, hopefully some will be good.

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