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message 1: by Vis (new)

Vis Hey guys I posted my chapter three today , Please review If you have time. Also paste your link for me to review

message 2: by Liavali (new)

Liavali | 237 comments Hi Vis I just read your chapter and left a review, it is good to read more of your chapters as I read the first one also.

I hope review helps and I do think story is really interesting.

If you have time, I also would like a review on my chapter 3

Keep writing it's looking good!

message 3: by Vis (new)

Vis Thank you so much, I’ll review yours today.

message 4: by Andres, Thaumaturge (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 585 comments @Vis I reviewed your chapter 3. Felt like I had read it already?

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