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HUBSTER | 11 comments Mod
Educated by Tara Westover es el 3er libro del bookclub de hubster.

Emilio | 1 comments Grupo escribí una pequeña reseña en mi perfil. Si quieren comentarla o criticarla, aquí la comparto con ustedes. (Está en inglés para que más lectores pudieran comprenderla)


Not exactly what I expected but it definitely kept me thinking for a while.

I believe that Tara's life story is beyond amazing and inspirational. The way she learned to learn things, to adopt universal ideas and to develop critical thinking throughout the book proves that education doesn't come exclusively from school (of course it helps), but from the need to discover oneself and the world.

Nevertheless, I think that the book leaves that in a second place and ends up focusing more on the accidents, mental illness, abuse and the family's actions. And I'm not saying that this is a good or a bad thing. These facts help drive the story but I thought that at some point in Part Two, she was going to dive more into the her learning process and how she was able to achieve things at school.

Thus, I believe that what's more shocking is the actual physical and emotional abuse that she suffered from her family and that in some way, going off to school saved her from the dangerous environment she lived in. Besides, the way she narrates these encounters and accidents makes me think that this memoir is more a reflection on abuse and coercion from her family than on education.

In conclusion, I believe I learned to not take my education and circumstances for granted. I admire Tara and her story for sure and I think she's very brave for sharing everything with us. The book just left me wanting something different.

3.5/5 :)


HUBSTER | 11 comments Mod
De acuerdo contigo. Creo que a veces creemos que en USA y asi no existe este tipo de situaciones de falta de educación/desinformación y que podría haber situaciones tan violentas en las familias. Sin embargo creo que Tara nos da una visión muy abierta de aceptar a tu familia como es pero tambien darte cuenta que tu eres capaz de cambiar tu destino. Tu educación y tu familia no deben de dictar tu éxito personal.

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