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Hearty | 6 comments Hi. I am the assistant to author, Mike Kastle. Today he just released Servants & Spies: Exploits From The Covert Mission Field. a non-fiction Christian book.

Servants & Spies shares many stories, from riveting run-ins with foreign-powers to first-hand accounts of modern miracles. It shows how God has a plan for us that He has already placed deep in our hearts and has set into motion. He uses everything, not because of our talents and skill, but because of His finished work on the cross. Together, we see how God’s purpose and plan for our work with Him develops in our lives using real-life examples from the very beginning of a ministry to its most fruitful stages.

Don Milam, Acquisitions Consultant with Whitaker House wrote an endorsement for the book saying:
Servants & Spies reads like a thrilling novel. However, it is anything but fiction. What might have been the sound of an exploding bullet, Mike Kastle’s story begins with a bang quickly drawing the reader into a fascinating plot combining intrigue with inspiration. Kastle’s adventures in a Marxist world are not the typical life of most missionaries. Danger lurks around every corner, but his experiences also include the opportunity to influence China with the secret message of Jesus. His stories are compelling and genuine, illustrating in vivid detail the difference one can make when he dedicates his life to God’s purposes. What you spend to purchase this book will quadruple in value with each page you read.

Servants & Spies is available in paperback and Kindle on

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Hearty | 6 comments Hi. I am the assistant to author, Mike Kastle. Have you ever been nervous about sharing devotional messages with your friends or family, or have been afraid of speaking in public?
“Throughout my career as a lawyer, and my ministry as a team leader and missionary, I have had the privilege of sharing many devotional messages to a wide range of audiences. I’ve learned that it is good to be prepared, at any time, to share an encouraging word of hope and blessing from the Word of God, to any audience.” -- --Mike Kastle
Therefore, We are glad to announce that his second book “The Messenger’s Companion” is coming! This book is divided into two parts. In Part 1, Mike gives directions and tips for preparing your devotional messages so you can easily share them in your personal way. In Part 2, he gives twelve example devotions that you can use immediately (including what you would use as your speaking notes). We sincerely hope that this Quick Guide will help you to prepare what the Lord has put on your heart to share with others, and hopefully relieve some stress in the process. We are willing to share a PDF file of the book with those would be interested in reading it to post a review for the book’s launch.
Email us if you would like to review the book “The Messenger’s Companion”. May the Lord guide you and bless you richly as you share!
Mike Kastle’s first book “Servants & Spies” made No. 1 Best Seller and No. 1 New Release on

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Hearty | 6 comments Hi Everyone!

We hope you are doing well and have enjoyed reading Servants & Spies. Thank you again for helping to make the book a real hit -- “No. 1 New Release” and “No. 1 Best Seller” on!

Have you ever been asked to deliver a short devotional message-- perhaps during a mission trip, church gathering or a family meeting?

Mike's new book “The Messenger’s Companion” is now available on!
Here is the link:

This book is quite different from Servants & Spies. The Messenger’s Companion is a short “guidebook” to help readers prepare and deliver an awesome 20 minute devotional message, in public, stress free. It also includes 12 example devotional messages that you can pick up and use immediately!

The purpose of the book is to help remove the fear of delivering your devotional message in public. The book guides you, in an easy fashion, to choose a topic, organize your notes and deliver the message smoothly. It even provides exact copies of notes you can use as you share!

Please feel free to share the book with those who you know who may travel on mission teams, or who may simply wish to begin a small gathering of others to worship the Lord and share encouraging messages from His word.

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