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message 1: by skyler rose (new)

skyler rose (skyrosew) | 2 comments Anyone know books with good plots and plots that start in the first few chapters? I’m sick of plotless, not exciting books lol

message 2: by TraceyL (new)

TraceyL | 19 comments Runner by Patrick Lee is a thriller with a sci-fi twist. The main character is on the run with a child with special abilities, and if I remember correctly it starts off with action right away.

message 3: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne (roxannej) | 15 comments I literally just finished one! The Rook by Daniel O'Malley. The plot starts on page 1. No joke! And there's plenty of weirdness and excitement throughout.

message 4: by Peter (new)

Peter Topside Not that I want to promote my own book, Preternatural, but feel it may be something you want to check out. I don't spend much time at all doing a lot of background, but rather go right into the story. You learn as you go further into the book, as you need to know certain things. The first chapter alone, gives you a fairly good idea of the characters, plot and setting of the entire story.

I'd be happy to review further, but if not, then I'll try to think of some other books that meet your criteria.

message 5: by Julian (new)

Julian Carver (julianmichaelcarver) | 2 comments I'll throw my books into the hat.

My two novels Triassic and MEGACROC are available to read FOR FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Both are published through reputable horror publisher Severed Press, which has taken on the likes of great authors like Greig Beck, Jake Bible, and Hunter Shea!

You can check them out on my profile! If you happen to read, please leave an honest review wherever applicable!


Here are the Amazon blurbs for both!

Triassic: After spending many years in artificial hypersleep, a handful of survivors of the exploration vessel Supernova awaken to find their ship torn to shreds. They are unsure of what happened in space or how they crashed into an uncharted planet. Upon exploration of the new world, they soon realize their destination: The Triassic, the first chapter of the Mesozoic Era. A plan is formulated to escape this terrifying landscape plagued with dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts.

The survivors soon discover that there may be an even larger threat looming under the trees than just the dinosaurs, threatening to cut their mission short and trap them all forever in the primitive depths of the Triassic.

MEGACROC: Something Has Awakened

In the remote stretches of southern Florida, a string of deadly animal attacks begin to surface near the borders of a housing development project. When evidence at the latest scene suggests that a massive predator may be the source of the carnage, a local crocodilian specialist is brought in as a consultant. Soon an effort is launched by the police and the coast guard to successfully locate and capture the ancient creature, which threatens the lives of everyone in the expedition, as well as the surrounding communities.


Hope you enjoy!

Amazon Bestselling Author Julian Michael Carver
Author of Triassic and MEGACROC

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