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message 1: by Sukanya (new)

Sukanya | 35 comments I have started with Herkunft von Saša Stanišić and I am really enjoying it.

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Sukanya | 35 comments I forgot to mention the last 10 books from this year so doing it now.

1. Kaffee und Zigaretten by Ferdinand von Schirach
2. Liebeserklärungen by Wladimir Kaminer
3. Gugelhupfgeschwader by Rita Falk
4. Halali by Ingrid Noll
5. In Liebe dein Karl by Ingrid Noll
6. Erebos by Ursula Poznanski
7. Erebos 2 by Ursula Poznanski
8. Die Tyrannei des Schmetterlings by Frank Schätzing
9.Morden im hohen Norden: Krimis by Various
10. Eberhofer, Zefix!: Geschichten vom Franzl by Rita Falk.

message 3: by Sukanya (new)

Sukanya | 35 comments 11. Herkunft by Saša Stanišić: I just finished reading the book and I really loved it. 5/5

The next book on my list is Heimsuchung by Jenny Erpenbeck

message 4: by Britta (new)

Britta Böhler | 104 comments Congratulations to moving up to level 3, Sukanya!

message 5: by Sukanya (new)

Sukanya | 35 comments 12. Heimsuchung by Jenny Erpenbeck. This is my first book by the author and I must say I am definately going to read more from her. I have just one word for it...brilliant. A house as a stage for many stories telling the history of an entire nation in a span of 100 years. Very well written. 5/5

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Sukanya | 35 comments I am currently reading Die dunklen Lande: Roman by Markus Heitz. A dark fantasy set in Germany during the 30 Years War. I have been a fan of Heitz since I read the Ulldart Saga and really enjoyed it. One of my favorite band Blind Guardian has also collaborated on a concept album based on the book. One more reason to want to read this book...:-)

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Sukanya | 35 comments 13. Die Dunklen Lande by Markus Heitz. 4/5

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Sukanya | 35 comments 14. Jeder stirbt für sich allein by Hans Fallada. My God what an amazing book. I am surprised that I did not read anything from this author until now. I really have to thank this discussion group for introducing me to this book. I literally cried while reading this one. Amazing book and an amazing story of two quiet revolutionaries. 5/5

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Sukanya | 35 comments Now that I have discovered Hans Fallada I am quickly moving on to another book by him Kleiner Mann - was nun?. Also on my list is Wild: oder Der letzte Trip auf Erden by Reinhold Messner.

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Sukanya | 35 comments 15. Wild: oder Der letzte Trip auf Erden by Reinhold Messner. Before this book I had never read about Frank Wild, the second in command for the Endurance expedition of Ernest Shackleton. Reinhold Messner, in a very beautiful way tells us the story of a man, who despite his own fears managed to keep a crew of 21 people alive during the gruesome Antarctic winter paving the way for one of the most memorable survival accounts in the history of mankind. The book is not just this single mission but it goes on to paint a picture of an explorer who felt more at home trying to survive in one of the harshest places on this planet rather than in civilization. 5/5

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