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Olympos (Ilium, #2)
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Serieses! > Incorrect series numbering of Olympos Polish edition

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message 1: by Oin (new)

Oin (_oin_) | 10 comments Polish edition of the Olympos, second volume of the Ilium series:

was split into two books when published. On GoodReads both are marked as Ilium #2 but they should be marked as #2.1 and #2.2.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44203 comments Mod
No, they should be marked as #2A and #2B.

#2.1 and #2.2 would be two shorts that follow book #2.

message 3: by Oin (new)

Oin (_oin_) | 10 comments Oh, okay. I think I've never seen A/B numbering for any books I've read, always numbers, so I assumed that's the way. Thank you for clarifying and fixing the info.

message 4: by Oin (new)

Oin (_oin_) | 10 comments Damn, but now they are not visible as part of the series... Is this a bug?

message 5: by Oin (new)

Oin (_oin_) | 10 comments Or not a bug but missing comma between series name and number with letter so it's not being detected?

message 6: by Oin (new)

Oin (_oin_) | 10 comments Awesome. Thank you. Topic can be closed.

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