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August 2020 - Far From You > Chapter 51 - 60

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Olga Chronics (olgachronics) | 102 comments Mod
Thoughts on the book so far

Olga Chronics (olgachronics) | 102 comments Mod
WHAT?!?! ADAM? I can't. I don't fully understand why, but i guess to protect his brother somehow? I have a feeling Coach, the uncle, is involved too because of the whole "my family would kill for each other" thing.

I really wonder what the reasoning is and I SO hope it's good, cause they really were the obvious suspects.

Nico (nicoreads) | 43 comments Oh, it's good, or I thought so. I had my suspicions when he kept kind of popping up (enough to be memorable) and he was the "nice" guy. I just kept noticing him, not TOO much, but enough for me to remember stuff about him, etc. It's always fun when you take a bit of a shot in the dark about "who-dun-it" and it turns out to be right. Haha.

The ending is pretty dang good, especially in regards to the character growth. I'm looking forward to after you finish and your thoughts.

Olga Chronics (olgachronics) | 102 comments Mod
You're right, it was pretty good ahaha! Im gonna go post in the final thoughts thread :)

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