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100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA Italian "Lolita" book, autobiographical, published 2005-2009? [s]

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haferbrey This was a rather thin book about a disturbingly young girl (younger than 16 I think) trying to be a lolita. The girl was sleeping around a lot with older, adult men.

The book was definitely set in Italy, everyone was Italian, it was probably translated to English. I vaguely remember it being autobiographical too, so written by a woman.

I distinctly remember this one scene in the book where she was losing her virginity to an older guy (TW): They were having sex in a very uncomfortable position but she was acting like she was enjoying it. That made the guy think she wasn't in fact a virgin and treating her bad in some kind of way (forgot what way).

I don't remember anything about where her family was in all this.

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haferbrey Becca wrote: "100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed, perhaps?"

Yes, that's it! Thank you!

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