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message 1: by Nay (new)

Nay (4ukcats) | 201 comments I have a question about a book I was working on, and I want to make sure I handle it the right way. I've spoken to the author and she gave me this information.

In a nutshell, an author who has preorder kindle edition on GR left her publisher (and will now be self-publishing) and the publisher has reassigned the ASIN to a different preorder kindle edition by a different author.

Since neither book has been published, is it okay to simply move the ASIN# to the correct book/author (and leave notes explaining the move), or does Support need to do something more involved to facilitate the change?


message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44222 comments Mod
This is a case of the second type of ACE:

message 3: by Nay (new)

Nay (4ukcats) | 201 comments rivka wrote: "This is a case of the second type of ACE:"

Thanks, rivka. I didn't read down far enough when I looked it up. Appreciate it!

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