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Kate Here is where the tributes eat lunch together after training! RP only :)

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Kate Bella walks in and immediately her mouth starts watering. food . . .

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Hazel walked in and licked her lips. She saw only one tribute there and the stacks of food. "Wow, these could feed a whole farm!" She exclaimed. "Wanna sit with her? The other tribute?" She asked Lysa.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) "Oh, sure," said Lyssandra, feeling a little nervous. "Do you know her?"

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) "No." Hazel said. "But I don't know you as well and turns out you're an amazing person." She shrugged. "So, what do you wanna eat? Desserts are my personal favorite." She scooped tons of cakes on her plate.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) "Mine too," said Lysa, "Though I don't eat much. Do you mind helping me? I can't find a plate."

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) "Sure!" Hazel said, picking everything for Lysa at once. "Eat. You need your energy for the Games." She pushed the plate in front of Lysa.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) "Err, thank you," said Lyssandra, stuffing a cupcake into her mouth. "Ohh, this is good!"

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) "Uhhuh... this is awesome. Heavenly. Out of the world. Undescribably fabulous." Hazel said as she gobbled down her cakes.

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Ry strode into the mess hall, taking a plate and loading it with protein and vegetables. He didn't touch anything else, just sat down and started eating. Quickly, but politely. He wanted to be done soon, and get back to training, but...appearances were everything.

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LyraFirefly (bookishmusicalfeminist) Dylan strode into the mess hall and grabbed a plate. He loaded it with 2 eggs, rice, and vegetables. He sat down and started to eat, trying to finish quickly.

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Kate Bella walks up to the table and grabs a plate, filling it up; slowly at first, but quicker as her appetite grew.

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Lizzie Stone Jayden and Ray came in together and grabbed some food and made sure it was filling. They sat down at a table and discussed there strategy.

"So who else seems strong?" Ray asked.

"Marcus but he isn't in here. Also, Laviana is strong and Lyssandra is a Career as well," Ray nodded and they continued to eat.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) (Hiya, Rose are you there? Sorry I suddenly went offline last time, mum was giving me a lecture about my latest Chinese essay ((which I thoroughly deserved)) and then it was bed time! 😹)

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) ((Yeah, I'm here. Ikrrr? Chinese! *cringes))

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) (Ahh, sorry I missed you, I went to plan schedules for a science camp 😫! You still there?? Sorry)

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) (Yeah I am)

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) (Can you post first?)

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) (Sure xD )
Lyssandra peered over at the other Tributes. "Do you see anyone you like? I think that Alice might be a nice ally, don't you?"

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) "Who's Alice?" Hazel asked in surprise. "Wait a sec... do you mean we're allies?" She realized suddenly and her face lit with joy.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) "Of course!" said Lyssandra, beaming. "If you want me...?"

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) "Yeah sure! I would love to have you as an ally!!" Hazel hugged her tightly and grinned. "C'mon, we must train." She pulled Lysa along excitedly. "I need to improve in archery for god's sake!"

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) "Yes, let's go!" Lyssandra felt happier than she had done for a long time, maybe forever.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) (Meet at the training centre?)

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) (Sure! Though they have eaten nothing but cake 😹!!)

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) (lol Assume they have finished an entire meal)

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Ry finished eating, going back into the training center. He could have spent the meal making allies - testing the people who'd offered. But allies wouldn't make him victor.

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