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message 1: by Nola (last edited Aug 08, 2020 12:22PM) (new)

Nola Barr (nolalibarr) | 5 comments author Melanie Snow | 119588106
Qatarina Wanders

Can the above two authors be updated for:
Winds of Winter: A Young Adult Multi-Genre Short Story Collection

Melanie Snow should be [] It only brings up Melanie Snow who wrote Muse, but it should be the one who wrote The Spellwood Witches.

Qatarina has two author pages and it should be the one that has all her other books on it.

Thank you

message 2: by Elvenn (new)

Elvenn | 2730 comments Ok, I've merged both Qatarina Wanders profiles into Qatarina Wanders.

I've separated the books in the default Melanie Snow profile into two profiles, the second one being Melanie Snow (that is, Melanie Snow with two spaces between the name and the surname). I can't link the book to the profile you posted because that's not an author profile, but a user profile.

But both authors can claim their author profiles from their user accounts by going to the desired profile, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on "Is this you? Let us know."

PS: I've added them in Wings of Prophecy: A Multi-Genre Short Story Collection.

message 3: by Nola (new)

Nola Barr (nolalibarr) | 5 comments thank you! I'll let Melanie Snow know

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