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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Psychological thriller book about mom trying to find kidnapped daughter

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Mackenzie Delisle | 3 comments Hello, I'm looking for a specific book. I'm sorry in advance that I won't be able to give many details. I haven't read this book in a few years and it is randomly itching my mind. I'm pretty sure this book is more recent. Like, in the 2010s, I think? It is a story from a woman perspective. She and her partner have emotional trauma after their baby girl got kidnapped at a park a long time before the story started. The mother runs into a girl who she think may actually be her baby. The girl is in her late teens, I think, and lives with her adopted mom or something. I believe that they try to get a DNA test going, but the father refuses so it is unknown if the girl is actually their baby or not. (SPOILERS) I remember that, in the end the father actually ends up having to do with the kidnapping of their daughter. I'm pretty sure that happens. I think the girl ends up being the woman's daughter, but dies in the end or something.

Again, sorry that I can't give more details. Thanks in advance!

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Mackenzie Delisle | 3 comments Nevermind, it was The Girl You Lost. Y'all should read it.

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