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message 1: by Kieron (new)

Kieron Wathall (kieronjmw) | 5 comments I would like to make a couple of reviews for some ARCs, mainly fantasy or action.

Fantasy like the faithful and the fallen series

Hit me up for whatever you have.


message 2: by Byron (new)

Byron Fortin (byronfortin) | 46 comments Hey Kieron!
I would love to get a review of my latest book Two if by Dark Reverie - Part II. It is the fourth entry in an ongoing fantasy/occult series I am writing. In order to get you more up to speed I have a brief summary of the first three books that I can include.

If interested in a free copy, I have formats available in Mobi, ePub and PDF. It is also enrolled in KU. Please feel free to get ahold of me here or by DM. Alternatively I can also be reached at Thank you for this offer to provide reviews. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

message 3: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Ruud | 7 comments Hi Kieron,

I have a fantasy book that is the first in a new series if you are interested. Here's the blurb:

Being a police officer can be dangerous. Being a witch police officer is downright scary sometimes. Luckily Jess has been a member of Witch Inspectors to Serve and Protect, a.k.a. WISP, for several years now so she knows what she's doing. Or so she hopes.

For their first case together, Jess and her new partner, Charlie, are assigned a real doozy. Several bodies have been found that are emaciated nearly beyond recognition. Jess suspects someone is stealing life forces, but she can’t figure out how, why, or who. But whatever it is, it's messing up the natural order of things and causing sensitive witches to go crazy. Jess has to solve this one before the whole city erupts in chaos.

If it sounds like something you would review, I can send you a Mobi or PDF version. Let me know what you think.


message 4: by Phil (new)

Phil Halton | 9 comments Hi Kieron - I have an ARC available for review. It's a bit of a literary/action hybrid. Here's the jacket copy, let me know if it peaks your interest:

A gripping novel set during the height of the Nicaraguan revolution.

In 1978, the Somoza family held the people of Nicaragua in a stranglehold, stripping the country of everything of value and making beggars out of honest citizens. The only thing that kept the Somozas in power was the draconian actions of the feared Guardia Nacional.

In this repressive environment, life became exceedingly difficult for anyone not connected to the regime. In order to survive, Paco eked out a living with friends as street musicians, busking and playing university parties. His life couldn’t have been farther from that of Ramón, a young man who squandered his privileged upbringing and was expelled from medical school.

Despite their differences, the two became fast friends, before being swept up into the heart of the revolution by the inexorable tide of history. What began as a struggle for survival became a search for meaning. But when the human cost of striving for abstract ideals is laid bare, they realize that the true struggle is to maintain their humanity.

Every Arm Outstretched explores how we determine right and wrong when society itself has become corrupt, the meaning of love, loyalty and friendship, and whether the ends can ever truly justify the means.

While the facts of the Nicaraguan revolution are well known, recorded history often hides more than it reveals. Every Arm Outstretched marries the truth of human nature to the events of history.

message 5: by Kieron (new)

Kieron Wathall (kieronjmw) | 5 comments Hi Kelsey

yes I would be happy to review for you. A PDF copy would be great thanks

Phil I would be happy to review your book.
let me know what format you have?


message 6: by Simi (new)

Simi Sunny | 7 comments Hello, Kieron.

I was wondering if you're still looking for ARCs to review. I have a fantasy/paranormal book that needs to be reviewed. If you're interested, I can provide a free, digital copy. Just please message me if you're interested in reading and reviewing my work.

Description: Everything seems mundane to Gwendolyn Hill, considering her job and social status. Yep, nothing’s better than being a funeral director at the Hill Manor, while socializing with her grandmother, her pet cat, and—-wait for it—-her ghost friend. That’s right. Gwen can not only see ghosts, but she can also guide them to where they need to go. And to lead the spirits on the right path is to weigh them with a scale and a feather.

Meanwhile, a spirit is sending visions to Gwen, but she doesn’t know why. All she can figure out that it may be a threat, but to who?

For people who love The Ghost Whisperer TV series and/or Blackwell game series, The Weight of Our Souls tells a story of one woman who will help every soul, and she will know that she won’t always rely on just a scale and a feather.

The Weight of Our Souls (Souls of Elkwood County, #1) by Simi Sunny

message 7: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Lopez | 80 comments Try our book club, which has over 400 active reviewers at:

message 8: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Minetos | 3 comments Hi there! I am looking for ARC reviewers for my upcoming YA fantasy-Western adventure "Graves for Drifters and Thieves".

The Hespyrian West is a place for legends and lawless men. Here, Jae Oldridge works as a bounty hunter, getting by with her wits, her magic map, and not much else. At seventeen, she hunts not for money or glory, but to find her missing father—kidnapped by ghost riders three years back.

When a saloon brawl brings Jae to the enigmatic Harney gang, she feigns interest in assisting them, hoping to turn them in later on. Survivors of the Arrowwood War, the gang pillages silver, without interest in much else... and no one knows why. The gang is led by two brothers: the stern, commanding Halston and headstrong, fiery Hodge. Joining them is an aristocrat-turned-outlaw, a rugged, snake-skinned Azmarian, and a young storyteller with a mysterious past.

Trekking across the wilderness, the group encounters warlocks, monsters, and gunfights in the service of Sterling Byrd: the gang's crooked boss. Jae learns that the gang is not what they seem. They also stand on a razor’s edge; not just with the law, but with Sterling himself. Jae finds herself growing closer to the Harneys… especially Halston.

Staying with the gang could lead Jae to a noose’s end, but Halston harbors a secret that could change her life forever. It is then Jae learns that her loyalties—wherever they may lie—do not come without a price.

Please let me know if you're interested, I would love to send you a free ebook. :)

message 9: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Fikke | 7 comments The Crown Prince Hi, I am looking for ARC reviewers for my fantasy book The Crown Prince, the first book in my new fantasy series.

The Völva blinked, then opened her eyes wide. They filled with a milky white film. Her face became flat, showing no emotions when she stared out into space. Then she drew in a deep breath and covered her mouth with her hand.
“What did you see?” The dwarf next to her urged.
“If the wrong people find out about this…” she moved her body uneasily, “the royal family in Midgard will be in grave danger.”
“What did you see? Tell me.” The dwarf demanded.
“I saw the ruler of Muspelheim die, not from natural causes, they killed him.” She watched the dwarf.
“Who!?” His yellow eyes searched her face.
“A prince of Midgard.” she whispered.
The dwarf grimaced, “They are children.”
“But if he… finds out, they will never become men,” she stated.
“I will tell no one, I swear.” The dwarf assured her, even though he knew. He could never keep a secret. In fact, he had already started thinking of whom he could tell. Someone who would be impressed and pay him a lot of gold for his trouble.
“I am late, so I need to go, but I swear… I won’t tell anyone…”

Please let me know if you are interested.

message 10: by Anita (new)

Anita Pendreigh | 2 comments It isn't brand new but Dark Conduits -The Null is available as a free eBook between the 24th and 27 th of November.

This is the Chronicle of Indigo Kane and answers the question of what happens to the non magical children of great Mages and Witches.
Born of magic but rejected by it Indy navigates her way through life in the most blunt and apologetic of ways.

Available on Amazon

message 11: by M. (new)

M. Sheehan (skyviewseries) | 16 comments Kieron wrote: "I would like to make a couple of reviews for some ARCs, mainly fantasy or action.

Fantasy like the faithful and the fallen series

Hit me up for whatever you have.


Hi Kieron,

I would love a read and review, my book is called SkyView Lord of the Wills.

SkyView: Lord of the Wills

A unique perspective on history and time, SkyView draws readers into a seven-hundred-year struggle between good and evil. Eight family lines are on a quest to discover and control the family’s centuries-old accumulation of wealth.

Comprehensively thought out...
a wealth of intriguing ideas..."
Kirkus Reviews
★★★★★ "Well-imagined, skillfully written..."


message 12: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Trost (camerontrost) | 4 comments Hi Kieron,
Black Beacon Books is looking for reviewers for our forthcoming anthology, Murder and Machinery. Ebooks available in mobi (Kindle) or pdf format. Please message me directly if interested. Release date: 3rd April

Check out this book on Goodreads: Murder and Machinery

message 13: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Gilholy (chloboshoka) | 17 comments Kieron wrote: "I would like to make a couple of reviews for some ARCs, mainly fantasy or action.

Fantasy like the faithful and the fallen series

Hit me up for whatever you have.


Hi Kieron, I a dystopian scifi called Game of Mass Destruction if you're interested. I posted the blurb below. If it's something you're interested in I can send it over to you.

Yuzuko's perfect world is disturbed when she is forced to take part in the 30th season of Game of Mass Destruction, a reality tv show where twenty contestants have to fight robots and each other for a chance to become a billionaire. Each robot they destroy gives points, but extra points are rewarded for acts of sex and murder. Whilst Yuzuko is united with online friends, she discovers dark secrets about her family as she confronts the gameshow's owner the notorious Sia Bucks. Will she survive and become victorious or will it be a comedy of errors with violence and chaos?

message 14: by Elie (new)

Elie N. Azar (elienazar) | 27 comments If you are into poetry, photography and illustrative sketches, then this book is the right pick for you.

My poems are based on personal life experiences dating between 2016-2018.

The book is available on Kindle Unlimited and Select.

I hope to have your support.

Amazon Int:

Scribbles of the mind

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