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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Anthology or collection containing 2 Irish themed stories

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Lee Cochenour | 7 comments I have a friend looking for title and author of these 2 stories. She read the many years ago and believes that they were both contained in one book. Any help would be appreciated, there's not much to go one here,

1) "Irish aristocrat with a history of partying and affairs, gets thrown out of her ancestral home - by the home itself"
2) "Group of feminine, possibly Italian (?) men flit into an Irish bar and are first met with hostility, but then with growing recognition (they like to sing, we like to sing! they distrust women, we distrust women! etc)'

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Lee Cochenour | 7 comments Someone figured them out. "The Haunting of the New" and "The Cold Wind and the Warm". Both by Isaac Asimov, and first published in Harper's Magazine July 1964.

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