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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Let's read books and chat about them! But don't be too loud. We can read here, do our homework, and we have a coffee maker to drink coffee while reading.
Enjoy reading!

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Evie tells Shayla, " There are so many books here. Let's go find a seat."

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Lizzie Stone "Yeah," they take a seat and set down their bags. "What books should we look at first? Fantasy? Adventure? Mystery?" Shayla asks her quietly.

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Evie answers, "Ooh, I love Fantasy! We can check that out. What are your favourite genres?"

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Lizzie Stone "My favorite are those and Romance."

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "I love romance too. But only sweet romance."

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Lizzie Stone "Romance just gets me super in love with the characters and involved with the book."

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) ((We need a librarian. If you would like to be one, please create one at the Teacher's creation))

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "I know right?! I always swoon over them," *sighs dramatically*

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Lizzie Stone Shayla laughs, "I'm so glad someone likes to read here! Everyone is always calling me a nerd for liking school."

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Evie's eyebrows shoot up. "A nerd? Well, lucky you, I am a nerd too! Team nerd!"

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Lizzie Stone "Perfect. I think I'll actually enjoy this school year with a friend," Shayla smiles.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Evie smiles, "Yes me too. I was actually quite nervous, but I know for a fact now that I'll enjoy it here."

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Lizzie Stone "Ahh, what a relief," Shayla sighs as they reach the Fantasy section.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Evie looks up at all the books, "Ooh, the cruel prince. My favourite. So many books here I want to read. I think this is my favourite part of the school. What book is your favourite?"

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Lizzie Stone "I love Keeper of the Lost Cities. It's really good, up to eight books," Shayla tells Evie.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "Wow, what's it about?" Evie asks Shayla.

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Lizzie Stone "It's about a girl that has Telepathy and she lives with humans. She gets major headaches but keeps it a secret. Then, she meets someone that takes her to where she belongs, The Lost Cities, he's also a Telepath. She figures out she's an elf and has tons of adventures," Shayla explained.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Evie is excited, "Oh, I want to read that too! It sounds so interesting!"

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Lizzie Stone "It is interesting, I definitely recommend it. I also love the Selection series in the Romance section!" Shayla tells her,

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "Yeah, me too! The Selection series is also one of my favourites. Okay, to be honest, almost all the books I've read are my favourites. It'd be a long list if I had to name all of them." Evie says with a chuckle.

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Lizzie Stone "Oh, me too! There's only a few that I was okay with or didn't enjoy." Shayla chuckles as well. "I have so many books I love!"

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Aleya | 20 comments I must agree with both of you. She says with a smug and funny smile.

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Lizzie Stone (( who's speaking? also, don't forget quotation marks ))

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Aleya | 20 comments (Whops) “I must agree with both of you”. She said with a smug and funny smile.*

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Lizzie Stone "Hello, what's your name," Shayla asked as she turned around.

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Tiffany ((Aleya, have you created a character? You can't participate in the RP without a character.))

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Aleya | 20 comments (😯 ohh. Um....whops. Sorry about that!)

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Tiffany ((You can create a character under Student Creation. A mod will approve your character, and you can then participate in the RP.))

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
Nick walks into the library and has over to see Evie and Shayla.
"Hello, ladies. How's it going?" he asks them.

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) Ruby walks into the library and wanders around a bit. She finds an interesting looking book and grabs. Then she sees Nick, Evie, and Shayla.
“Hey. Y’all mind if I join you?” she says.

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Lizzie Stone "Hey, Nick how are you. Hello Ruby," Shayla greets. "Wow, I'm making lots of friends today."

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) “I know, right?” Ruby says. “Whatcha guys doing?”

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Lizzie Stone "Looking at our favorite genres and books," Shayla answers

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "Hey everyone! I am Evie. It's so nice to meet you." Evie says to Nick and Ruby.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
"Hi, Evie," says Nick happily. "Do you guys hand out in the library often?"

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "Yeah, I mean we only came today. So, tell us about yourself." Evie says.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
"Cool. So my names Nick Powell, I'm 16. I was adopted when I was 10 and I work part time in my dads garage shop," he says. He doesn't usually tell people about being adopted because in his old school he was bullied for it. But he has a feeling about Evie, like he can trust her.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
"How about you?" he asks.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "Wow, that's nice.
Eh, there's nothing much about me. I am also 16 years old, my parents are both lawyers and I have a very annoying little brother, Mike." Evie tells Nick.
"What are your favourite books?" She asks.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
Nick laughs. "I had friends from my old school with younger brothers, heard that they can be a pain," He looks up at the ceiling to think about his favourite books.
"Probably yore Percy Jackson series," he says, "What about you?"
Nick feels butterflies fly around in his stomach. He gets good vibes from Evie. When he first walked in, he felt like he may like her, that she may be the one. But he soon realised that he likes her as a friend. And anyways, he's heard rumours that Evie is heterosexual. He doesn't have problem with that though. Nick has a feeling that he just might make tons of good friends here. And maybe a girl that's something more...

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) Ruby plunked down in her seat and opened up her book.
“I guess I’m the youngest one here. I’m only 14,” she said.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Keira wrote: "Nick laughs. "I had friends from my old school with younger brothers, heard that they can be a pain," He looks up at the ceiling to think about his favourite books.
"Probably yore Percy Jackson se..."

"I love the Divergent series and The Cruel Prince. I really want to read Percy Jackson though." Evie replies to Nick's question.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) l e m o n wrote: "Ruby plunked down in her seat and opened up her book.
“I guess I’m the youngest one here. I’m only 14,” she said."

Evie looks at Ruby and smiles, "That doesn't mean we can't be friends?"

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Lizzie Stone "I'm 16," Shayla speaks up. ((I think she is correct me if she isn't XD))

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) ((Shayla's 16. I just checked.))

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) "So, you guys think we should head to our English class?" Evie asks, looking around at everyone.

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Lizzie Stone ((Okay, thanks!))
"Yeah, we should," Shayla tells her.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) ((Is it only the Shayla and Evie here? I don't think we should go to English class while the rest don't yet))

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) ((ruby’s here. i was just busy for a while))

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