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When We Were Vikings
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August 2020: Other Books > When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald - 4*

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Doughgirl5562 | 783 comments This is not your average book about Vikings, but I loved this novel.

Zelda is a young woman around age 18-20 who is - by her own words - "retarded". Her mother drank heavily and Zelda was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She's a very interesting young woman and one that I think I would very much like to have as a friend. She manages by living by a structured life and a set of Rules (with a capital R) in an apartment with her brother Gert. She's also obsessed with Vikings and Viking legends.

When Zelda's structured life begins to become a little more challenging (or maybe more than a little), Zelda determines to become the hero of her own legend.

This was a novel about challenging your limitations and not waiting for someone else to be your hero.

Seems to be a good motto to live by - to be the hero of your own legend.

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Booknblues | 6479 comments This has been on my radar, but I've seen mixed reviews, so thank you for a positive one.

Doughgirl5562 | 783 comments Booknblues wrote: "This has been on my radar, but I've seen mixed reviews, so thank you for a positive one."

Well, I have to admit that it took a while for me to get into it, but that was more a factor of what was going on in my own life than the book. It did eventually catch me and I ended up loving it.

annapi | 5117 comments I gave it 4 stars too - it had its flaws, but overall a captivating book.

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