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The Battle Sylph (Sylph, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult Fantasy. Girl who is suppose to get sacrificed but instead get's linked to the spirit meant for the man that wanted to sacrifice her, the girl and the 'spirit' then run away to hide fall in love, also the 'spirit'can shape shift. [s]

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Farahilde | 6 comments I picked this book up at a free libary 4 years ago. It was a pocket book of which you could also get a free book online, it was paperback and pocket size.
the story takes place in a fantasy world and look to be around the middle age. The story starts with a young girl who is about to get sacrificed by a man in front of this portal. it has to be a young girl because that is what the spirit is attracted to and want to serve. So the man want to kill the girl and take become the spirits master ( the spirit must have a master). instead the girl uses her hair clip to escape and the spirit links to the girl, and takes her away by becoming a cloud of smoke and caring her. She is the only girl who is a master which some how make them stronger. The spirit can shape shift and along the book he often shapes in to a man and they have sex in the woods and fall in love. It end with them at this refugee camp. ( i forgot why there is a refugee camp, but the book does have bad and good people, the man that wanted to sacrifice her is bad)the camp is on top of a hill and the spirits fight. There are also chapters in which you follow one of the bad guys who owns a spirit that is shaped like a hawk ( or an other type of big bird). This guy is to show what a master and spirit relationship is with a men instead of women, which is a relationship built on power and hate.

Farahilde | 6 comments that is the one thank you so much

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