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Moorhead Public Library (moorheadpubliclibrary) | 97 comments Mod
Just getting this started so I don't forget. Here's to many entertaining reads in August!

Moorhead Public Library (moorheadpubliclibrary) | 97 comments Mod
I finished the new Linda Howard book, 'After Sundown,' this past weekend. It was entertaining as most of hers are, about a massive solar flare that takes out power across the globe and how the residents of a small town deal with it (while the main characters fall in love, of course). Although it's a pretty extreme situation, I feel like her books haven't been quite so entertainingly absurd recently (some of my favorites include "Prey" where the protagonists have to deal with bad guys, nature in the form of storms and floods, and a homicidal bear! and 'Cover of Night' where a whole town gets taken hostage). But it was still a fun read that kept me turning the pages. - deb

Moorhead Public Library (moorheadpubliclibrary) | 97 comments Mod
I've finished at least 2 books since I last posted - 'Nobody's Sweetheart Now' by Maggie Robinson and 'The Falcon Always Wings Twice' by Donna Andrews.
'Nobody's Sweetheart' is the first in a series of mysteries that revolve around a main character who is haunted by her dead husband. It was entertaining, and I'll probably get to the others in the series, but it didn't make it onto my favorites list.
'The Falcon' is the newest Meg Langslow mystery, and that IS one of my favorite series. As usual it was entertaining - I'd probably give it a solid 4 stars in relation to books in general, but maybe only 3 stars in relation to the other books in the series. It definitely wasn't my favorite, but I still enjoyed it. I especially appreciate how Meg is such a strong, kind of bossy character who is just a little evil/real? (quite often she's thought of murdering the person who ends up getting killed).
I also finished 'No Mark Upon Her' by Deborah Crombie since I last posted. It is one of the darker ones in the series (not that any of them are necessarily cozy like the Andrews series). It concerns a serial rapist and corruption within the police, and overall left me a little down and angry and wondering if progress ever gets made.

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Kathy | 32 comments Hi All! Looks you've been reading a lot--just like me:) My kids think I'm crazy too to be reading so much:) I recently finished The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See, Molokai by Alan Brennert, The Lager Queen of MN (for the 2nd time) by J Ryan Stradal, Very Very Very Dreadful by Albert Marrin, and am 1/3 of the way through Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. When I have time (!), I've been plugging away in Minnesota 1918: When Flu, Fire, and War Ravaged the State. Hope you're all well and that no one has gotten sick during this time. Kathy

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