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I am so grateful for your presence today. I so wish that we were actually meeting face to face over coffee. But I'm encouraged to know that you are here in the world. Truly you each have been a blessings.

Please continue talking. I'll still answer some questions for a few more minutes and be checking back throughout the week.


message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin Owens | 19 comments Thanks Marcie! You are a light.

message 3: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 17 comments Thank you, Marcie. I wish we were all meeting face to face too.
Some day.💜

message 4: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Padgett (goodreadscomcarrie_padgett) | 22 comments Thank you, Marcie! I wish we could meet for coffee, too! Maybe someday ... I'm truly privileged to be part of this group and I'm so glad you created it. Thank you for all the time you invest in what you're doing!

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie Hensley | 19 comments Marcie, thank you so much for the spaces you create and the work you do! Being here has been life-giving.

One thing I have been thinking about is how to incorporate activism and justice work into my life in a sustainable way. I often think about how my Christian faith touches everything I do, and I want the same to be true for my unlearning and allyship. I'm curious if anyone else hear has learned something about this that they've applied to their own lives.

message 6: by Dani (new)

Dani (dani_johnson_nm) | 8 comments I'm late to the discussion due to a wild couple of weeks of moving and getting 3 littles settled in a new space. Marcie, as I read through the threads, I was struck again by your patience, kindness, and openness. Thank you for the time and energy you give to such thoughtful questions and discussions. You are doing more than planting seeds, you are cultivating a legacy.

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