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Overlord Services | 24 comments Mod
Or you can email directly if you'd like to be discreet. (bookclub @ overlordsvcs . com)

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Sean Kachmarski (kachmarski) | 1 comments Thanks for the opportunity to sharing my book!

My book is a true story that follows my journey from sitting on a lumpy futon, overweight, out of shape and picking Pringle shards out of my navel, to me running a 50K ultra-marathon. It’s not a new story it’s just told from the perspective of a “grassroots runner” who just wanted to finish the races I entered.
It’s about my struggles, my achievements, the barriers, the pain, the people I met and how I pushed myself to the brink while trying to achieve things I never thought possible.

Book Awards Won:
2020 International Book Award "Finalist" in the "Sports" category
2020 Literary Titian Silver Award
2020 Indi Today Recommend Read
2020 Author Shout Recommended Read Award

Here's how to get your copy of JUST FINISH!
🇬🇧 Amazon LINK (Soft Cover & Kindle):

🇺🇸 Amazon LINK (Kindle + Soft):

About the Author:
Originally from Canada I now live in Skelmenthope, I am a 49-year-old Canadian living in the UK and have been in West Yorkshire for over 16 years now. I live with my British wife of 15 years Wendy (a Barnsley lass), who I met on I have two happy and healthy children, Ross (13) and Tasha (10). I started running in 2014 after a health scare and then achieved things I never thought possible. I told my story to people in bits and some said I should write a book.

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Overlord Services | 24 comments Mod
thanks Sean, this will be in tomorrow's release

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Chris Baum | 2 comments Out of Darkness: Twists & Turns is book 1 of a series I decided to call the Riveting Short Fiction series. It contains a wide variety of fiction in its many forms with many twists and turns of different plots and characters. It is my third book and my second self-published book as an indie author, and now an Amazon best seller in 3 categories. One of my goals is to reach #1 in any one category on Amazon and my ultimate goal is to make it on the National Best Seller's list.

The best part is that this is now available as a FREE kindle download today and tomorrow!

If you grab a copy, could you be so kind as to write a brief review here or on Amazon? Reviews help writers, and books help make the world a better place in which to live.

Thanks for your support!

Out of Darkness: Twists & Turns

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R.A. Jacobson (rajacobson) | 1 comments Now .99 $
A SINGLE ROUND, is a collection of short stories from a HARD PLACE. Stories of moonshine and shotguns, obsession and transcendence, love and darkness, and the blindness of human desire. Each tale follows a painful path to one ultimate realization: the devil’s deal always ends badly, often with a single round.

The head that was found on the blacktop tells a tale in Johnny Fucking Carson.
Tommy watches his dream love become a nightmare in Together Forever.
Fame has a dark side, Becoming Famous echoes the age old warning, ‘Be Careful what you wish for’.
A story of realization, loss, and transformation takes flight in Redwing.
Never judge a book by its cover, even one with fangs, as a surprise awaits in Doc’s Choice.
The Grounded, sometimes the dream of escape should remain a dream.
A tale of a man who fell in love with a woman who forgot him in The Dog Walker.
The Ride will make you second guess what you thought you were sure of.
If you grab a copy Please leave a review. Its an enormous help. . Thank you so much!

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