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June 2020: Suspense > Total number of titles read in June for "Suspense"

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message 1: by LibraryCin (new)

LibraryCin | 8711 comments The total number of individual titles read in June for "Suspense" is 174.

Now, this is just over our "official" number read for Thriller in January at 170... but if anyone looks at the shelf now, Thriller says 180! LOL!

I'm not sure if people have added more after the fact, or if I (or others) selected it by mistake (the "thriller" and "suspense" shelves are listed one right after the other when selecting.

There was not as much overlap between the two tags as I expected, but of course, there was some.

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 2231 comments Wow, that's a lot of suspense!

message 3: by Karin (new)

Karin | 7247 comments Impressive!

message 4: by LibraryCin (new)

LibraryCin | 8711 comments As I look closer at the stats for other months, 174 is our highest number since April 2016 when we read Female Author (219!!!!).

This makes Suspense our 2nd highest since we've been here at GR.

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